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Uh.... Am I supposed to put something meaningful here?


Meet Joseph Conrad, a regular teenager who has suddenly been thrust into a world of friendship, bright colors, ponies, and mythical beasts. In time he will discover a power only held by humans in this world, a power that will make him godlike. But can he handle the responsibility of this new power? Will he be able to keep his humanity and morals in the face of growing pressure, or will the power go straight to his head? Whether he knows it or not, Joseph will hold the fate of an entire world in his hands, and that fate will become anything he so chooses.

Authors Note: So yeah, this is my second story and I was inspired by a few others to try out a different style. Hopefully it will turn out OK, but be sure to let me know what I can improve on.

I should warn you now that the main OC will be slightly Marie Sue-ish, but this is the type of story that people read to see the main character actually get shit done.

I do not own My Little Pony. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro and I make no profit from the making of this fic.

Also, there are going to be references, lots of references.

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''I grabbed the beast by it’s tale"

how dare that beast be spouting epic tales, while in a life or death battle.

266510 <<<<< Best Sarcasam about a Typo EVER.

266510 damn you. you got me in trouble for laughing to loud in class.
I hate spell check sometimes.


excellent my plan went according to plan. muhahahahaa.

Ok the reaction to knowing that hes in Equestria is awesome XD
Cant wait for more
Tottaly tracking this!

When is the next one?

Wow, I didn't see that. But now that you made that comment I'm not sure if I want to change it.:rainbowlaugh:


O.O i thought that only luna could use the royal canterlot voice
this is funny and insanely interesting, tracking

Hey suggestion:
this is just my personal opinion but, It'd be much less awkward and much more interesting if halfway though instead of turning into a jock you turned into a Draconequus.

For some reason I find myself actually enjoying the cliches here. Keep up the good work.

Dude, two things:
1. Decide whether you're going to use present or past tense, and stick to it. Don't use both.
2. Stop addressing the reader. You don't have to baby us; if one's come to an MLP: FiM fanfic site, they know what it's about.
Those two flaws interrupt the flow of the story, and are seriously quite grating.

riiiight (now i want in on this one)

This story is great cant wait for more

this is one of the best fanfics that i have read on this site so keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Cool story! I'm really interested in how things turn out! :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work, and have some staches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Edit: Fimfiction messed up my comment. Sigh.

Looking forward to the next update.



Sorry man, this is the first time that I've attempted to write present tense and present tense only so its a bit difficult.

seems ok so far must wait for more.


Yep it looks like its doing great so far, can't wait till he gets his powers.


284982 agreed, didn't really notice the tense changes, but the reader side notes are a bit annoying, idk how someone could find this story and know nothing about mlp :twilightsheepish:

otherwise I quite like it, keep it up!

I'm pretty sure our little ponies are now brainfucked :trollestia:

Oh, and first

Oh wow! Interesting concept. Never would of thought of something like this.:pinkiegasp:

Waiting patiently for more.


You know, his meeting with Ragnarok makes me think that the story End of Ponies happens because Joseph was killed by the manticore :unsuresweetie:

My mind... ITS FUCKED!

Ok im good this is a realy interesting take on Human in Equestria.
I like it cant wait for more.

This is interesting... I can only imagine the looks on the mane 6's faces when celestia called him father.....

309887 It's a huge story, basically sun dies moon explodes and there is almost no magic left.

Also wouldn't 'she' be Lauren Faust?
“I see,” He says next, “ So she has succeeded.”


Except replace the computer with the Manticore.

Fantastic story by the way, this character's got flavor!

Excellent! Coincidentally, we seem to be using very similar ideas for our stories (at least initially anyway). I can't wait to see what's next!

I now see Celestia in an adorable new light.:twilightsmile:

"U jelly?"

yes, very much so, at least it wasn't fluttershy

also, i've never heard of a fanfic stating that magic is actually human souls... so i think it's origonal, and it's an intreuging idea.

When is another chapter gonna come out

I'll try to make this a weekly thing. I'll let you know if it's late otherwise in a blog.

Oc x Celestia please...? SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE ONE DAMN IT!

:pinkiecrazy: My brain exploded.

Good job Foggy. Keep up the good work.


This could either be intriguing and good, or yet another piece of generic SI HIE crap. Try not to get lazy and slip into the second category. Forever contaminate your writing, the SI will.


You know, it would probably help if I knew what the SI stood for:twilightblush:


I'd wonder how you managed to find a fanfic site and write a story on it without knowing that, but really, the interent is made of such weirdness.

It means self-insert, making an OC, quite literally, the author. It tends to go wrong, badly. I've never seen it not immediatly degenerate into plain faith-in-humanity-obliterating wish fulfillment, and have only even heard of a story that avoided that twice. And from what I've heard of one of them, I highly doubt that is the case. So please: If you ever find yourself, not while writing in the first person, thinking of your protagonist as "I", stop and think very carefully about what you are writing. This concept could make for an interesting story, and I don't want to see it go the way of so many other stories that have been tainted by the evil of the self-insert.

This link may help in avoiding that, or at least making it not actually bad, and the site in general is incredibly useful for writing. Also entertaining.

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