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A new disease. Some sort of radiation poisoning, and at the same time, not. The doctors can't help me, not just yet. Into the tube I go. I'll see you in five years, my wonderful Sarah. I love you.

One last ship. A single set of coordinates. I have no idea where they will take me, but there isn't anything else left for me here. Although, the 'Magic of Friendship' is a strange name for a space ship. I'm changing that to the 'Millennium Falcon' the first chance I get!
(As before, rated teen and gore, due to the fact I swear. A lot. You know, in case you didn't notice! And gore, because I'm not even sure where I'm going with this one!)

New tag! Yeah, not sure if it counts, but chapter 14 gets a bit more descriptive than I usually do.

Also, there is an alternate chapter to a later one/ one shot as a separate story.

Now with a sequel!

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So you wrote a new story have you? Good for you.

i would have made him sleep for a longer period of time a thousand years is not enough time for new cultures to form to the extent they have in the show.

2623905 I know! Came to me when I was in a maths lesson. Shows how boring it was!
2624075 Who said that this is now Equestria? From the description, "One last ship. A single set of coordinates". And it will still take time to get there!
2624218 Thanks, I'll do my best to make sure it stays that way.

2625130 I agree on the boringness of math class. Especially seeing as I was working on pre-algebra when I was in 4th grade. I was going through the problems on my grade level really fast. And then 8th grade comes around and I'm now in a public school. It's a dark room which is mostly underground with only two narrow horizontal windows letting in sunlight, I already know most of the stuff, and it's right before lunch. Same situation in 9th grade, but after lunch instead. I didn't do most of the homework, but I was in the top when tests came around. It was better in high school though. The rooms weren't underground and let natural light in. And they were brighter as well. Still boring as mud though. And then I took an algebra class in college. Even though I was sitting up front, I had a tendency to fall asleep. The teacher's voice was very monotonous, the numbers and equations just bled into a big gloopy mental mess, and the wall color was very sleep inducingly boring.

So, do you have a brief story on your history with math classes?

2625130Lol, I ended up writing the first chapter of a new story I had ideas for during Government today. Btw, SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! WOOOOOOOOH!:yay:

But yeah, new story chapter one. Would you mind if you looked it over? Maybe just give me some advice on where I can improve?

This is all ready turning out to be nice, I really hope you find the time to continue this.
as you said, there was no nuclear war....So I assume the war lasted for so long, and was fought so brutally, that there merely wasn't enough people to repopulate after the war. That CAN happen.

2625685 Yeah, got a GCSE level D in school,just from the tests as they lost my course work. Took it a year later and got a C. Only one level higher, but was good enough for the my job. That was ten years ago. Now I'm doing shit like 1 1/2 x 3 4/7 / 5 6/7. My brain has been hurting all week!
2625820 Schools out? For you maybe, the RAF doesn't do summer holidays! And sure, I'll take a look for you.
2626670 You're right on one point, and close on another. But nowhere near on the other. Will try to have a new chapter up sometime later, as it's 0945 GMT here, and I only just got up!

2627551Cool. Give me some time to finish it (I had another author look at it, since he was the head of the group I would be writing for, and he gave me some advice) and put it on a gdoc. I'll PM it to you when that's done.

I love this story so much..... You're doing so well with it.
Still going to speculate on what happened to the human race. I'm guessing some devolved, and others just went to different worlds to die/Recreate humanity.

When is the next part going to be published and become part of this story?

2630267 Bingo! Going with a bit of cliché reason, but
Will do once I get my bacon and egg sarnie for breakfast!
2630433 Once I've actually written it! :twilightblush::twilightblush: Will work on it some time today.

Is this supposed to be a crossover of something? 'Cause if so, then I would have absolutely no idea what's going on here.

2633987 Not so much, I've just taken ideas from different sources. Cryo-stasis from multiple sources, robot soldiers from Terminator, armour is from Mass Effect. The strange abilities are from another one, but I'm not giving that away just yet. Remember, he had a triple boost from the serum, so it pushed his brain in to unknown territory. Oh, and magic replenishes his abilities. The reason he came back for a few minutes is because the 'power', for lack of a better word, ran out when it healed his body, brining him back from the dead. No, he isn't Wolverine! Suppose I should remove that tag really!

2634010So then why did he go back to being feral if the "power" ran out?

2634017 Took a drink of liquid magic, which the 'feral' him set down on the side. Don't worry, this will be addressed. By Twilight.

My god.... The drug is what turned every living human on Earth into a devolved ape.
And an answer to the Wat do question...
Shout at her, and ask her what the hell she's doing on Earth. If that doesn't work, I will resort to my trust paintball gun. :3 Always gets peoples attention

Those three are going to get a strong talking too...
And, you updated so fast, that I just barely had enough time to finish the previous chapter! This was most excellent, I enjoyed every bit of it.

... Why he attacked Luna? Hm... [Wild guess here] The woman on the last video recording had same characteristics [i.e hair color, eyes] as Luna? :applejackconfused: Sorry

2634169 No, no Reavers in this story.
2634274 You say that, but Chapter 2 and 3 were actually posted on 25th where I am!
2634374 Yes they are, multiple times!
2636559 That's..........actually a good theory! But..no, afraid not.Nice try though!

2636664It says chapter 2 was release on the 25h. It says chapter 3 was released on the 26th.

2636665 On mine it says 2, 3, and 4 were published on the 26th, but only 4 was. 2 was Saturday around 1100 GMT, and 3 was around 2300 GMT. Then I started shooting Xenomorphs on LV-426.

Comment posted by Tenebris Caeruleus deleted May 27th, 2013

2636672 I am going to use one of those ideas though, as I already thought of it, and it was written in to the next chapter. I will try and squeeze in why he went after her as well.

Here's what went through my mind when I first read the title.

This was indeed nice. I like how the CMC are kinda saved by the protagonist, even though he was the one they stabbed :3
Loved every bit of it, as usual.

Luna wouldn't know shit all about guns or bullets so he should be dead. Oh.. Great, Insta love/sex.

2639406 Aw come on, he'd have to be a heartless bastard not to do something about this.
2639452 I know, get her drinking and she really opens up!
2640030 True, but she was watching the way the bullets were coming out of the pistol and he was emotionally unstable after seeing the picture. She picked up on this on his intent, so she stopped him.
And yes, that is what Cadence thought they shared, even though it wasn't, but she's been watching somepony a bit too closely....

Those guards would have been massacred if that first test was a real fight...

.... i think he is becoming a little gary sue...

2644629 All I will say is Jacutan.
2645428 Which is why he wasn't allowed weapons. His strength and speed were artificially increased in the eighteen month cryo sleep, and he's only just worked that out. And he camouflaged his armour like this.
That's me by the way!
2645494 Magic ingested and that serum bring out his primal side, and magic attracts him like that. The abilities he gets when like that allow his body to heal itself, just like it does where I got the idea from. And the reason he went for Luna was because it was his magic that saved him.
2645852 Really? Bugger. I'll try to downplay it then.

2646389 Okay, I'll PM you so that I don't spoil it for others.

I am gonna go with the serum being influenced by either haze or farcry

2646655 Bingo! Glad somebody finally got it! It is indeed based on the serum made by Dr Keieger in Farcry Preadator Instincts Evolution. (That is the 360 version) I think I'll pkay it again when i get home.

Halo, the books, when master chief gets the mjolinr armor that has shields and the neural implant upgrades so cortana or any other A.I. can interface with him and the armors systems. Well one portion is virtually ripped from the book. (The ima count to ten portion, brutally maul the gaurds and then get told off by cortana *twilight* that he moved 40 milliseconds early)
And the serum.... I'm not sure if its from haze or farcry (1 or 2) because I have not played them in years.

2646700 I wasn't honestly expecting anyone to pick up in that bit, and I see you have read them as many time as me then. Yes, that is my favourite part of the section. And slapping aside an anti tank missile.....who does that? Oh yeah......MCPO SPARTAN John-117. And that was what I was reading when I took a break from writing this chapter. Could've gone with the ODST fight on the Atlas, but that would have meant killing a few ponies......

Both? as it comes to you write it down and then go through it and use what you've written down to plan out more

Those images... WHY WOULD YOU THIS O_O :raritydespair:

2649957Because it's fucking hot?

As for your question... I say plan it out. I try to write as I go, and it usually ends with me stuck. If you plan things, then the only reason for not typing it up is either lack of a computer, or laziness.

Well, that was nice. The images were hilarious, by the way.
Ah.....The good old skittles reference, can't have a good HiE fic without mentioning it at least once :3
And finally, write as you wish, whatever way you believe will help out your story, and which is most convenient for you.

2650620 You sir... You scare me... :rainbowderp:

2650731Dude, how long have you been on this site?:ajbemused: There are a lot more people out there with minds even more twisted and/or perverted than my own.

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