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Taking a break from trying to fix the compound and figuring out the flight controls, Lucky suggests something to Rivet that might at least restore power...

Non-canon story to Piercing the Heavens by Calm Wind.
This also includes the back story I came up with for my OC, Lucky.
Cover art is by Foxenawolf.

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Taking a short cut across the beach was a bad idea during hurricane season. One arrived without warning, and Gray spotted a sturdy looking shed, he sprinted towards it for cover. But then a powerful wind swept him up...

....Princess Celestia looked out the window from her throne at the heavy storm. She went back to her paperwork, which was blown from the table by an unseen wind. There was a flash and a silhouette flew through the air, rolling to a stop at the bottom of her dais...

Okay, so this one isn't my idea. I am being give them, and am fleshing them out. This one, for once, will be proof read/edited by KnightFlower. Mainly because he's the one given me the ideas and he asked me to write it for him. Didn't think I was that good at writing! If you want to add this to a group, can you please ask me first? Thank you.

No, that does not mean I'll be doing other requests, at the moment. Dark tag added for some small bits.

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I was once called Warding Spear. I am... was a pony of Equestria. I did things wrong, bad things.

Now I am on the world of the one who I tried to kill. I also tried to kill his daughter. My ruler, and at one time my employer, sent me here to die. I am still alive, but I am no longer that pony. He died months ago.

I am... somepony new. And I am fed up with calling this world my own.... I looked up from the recording device as the sound of engines came though the clouds. Seven ships appeared, four with the black eagle crescent and three with the flag of what ever country in which I now resided, a collection of red, white, and blue stripes. A strange glow came from them, searching. It focused on me and then stopped. This was about to get interesting.

This is a side story to Night's Children. If you haven't read that one, prepare to be confused.

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This story is a sequel to Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame

Seven years ago, something hit Equestria. It was an accident. The ship that crashed held a single occupant, and proved to the world that they were not alone. Once informed of the dangers the universe presented, they were quite content to forget about it all, even choosing to ignore where the male alicorn came from.

And now there are two more. And they are a pain in the flank.

Sequel to Five Years Of Ice. (I'm also going to try and keep this one clean-ish.)

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.....to kill a dictator. To stop a war before it starts. For those who are criminal, to assisinate another.

.....and to roaylly screw things up.

This is an alternate chapter to a later one in my story, Five Years Of Ice. If you haven't read that one, then you won't understand it. And for those of you that have, you probably won't either, but it will come with time.

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A new disease. Some sort of radiation poisoning, and at the same time, not. The doctors can't help me, not just yet. Into the tube I go. I'll see you in five years, my wonderful Sarah. I love you.

One last ship. A single set of coordinates. I have no idea where they will take me, but there isn't anything else left for me here. Although, the 'Magic of Friendship' is a strange name for a space ship. I'm changing that to the 'Millennium Falcon' the first chance I get!
(As before, rated teen and gore, due to the fact I swear. A lot. You know, in case you didn't notice! And gore, because I'm not even sure where I'm going with this one!)

New tag! Yeah, not sure if it counts, but chapter 14 gets a bit more descriptive than I usually do.

Also, there is an alternate chapter to a later one/ one shot as a separate story.

Now with a sequel!

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It was eight months later the when more humans came from the sky........
But what were the Seven up to between these events?

Yeah.....I couldn't think of a longer description.... Don't know how long this one's going to be, but it'll probably be shorter.

This a sequel to How the hell did this happen?.

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0515 GMT Sunday morning. "Ugh, why did I get picked for this?" Standing around a aeroplane with "special materials" on board is not my idea of fun. It's going to be boring. No attempts to steal it, no protesters. Damn, I was hoping for the 50 year old lawyer to jump the fence. That would've been worth it!

A few hours later and the "special" stuff is being loaded up when there was a solid thud behind me and then a bright flash before I was blown away by the pressure wave. My first thought was "I'm dead". For all intents and purposes, I might as well be. My new mission? Find a way home.

Rated teen for lot's of swearing. The dark tag is there for the first few chapters, and some more may appear later on. And if someone knows the artist for the new cover, can you let me know.

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