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Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame - Lucky424

I went under for five years waiting for a cure. Something went wrong.

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Chapter 6: The tests begin.

“So where is he now?”

“Still at his ship, he said he some things to take care of and would be joining us when he is done.” Luna levitated her fork into her stack of pancakes and continued eating her breakfast. It was just her and Shining Armour in the dining hall, Cadence suspiciously saying she wasn't hungry. The doors swung open and he walked in, dumping a bag to the floor, and taking a seat opposite Luna. They looked at each other and then to the table. Armour looked back and forth between them with amusement.

“So... what did you guys do last night?”

“It is nothing that concerns you for now, nephew!”

“Well, with that kind of reaction, it must have been something good!” Luna said nothing further on the subject, but their guest did.

“Drop it.”

“Drop it? Oh no, this is too good!” Luna could see the anger in his face, and before she could stop him, he reached for something to his side. She gasped as he pulled up the weapon and pointed it a Shining Armour.

“I said: Drop it!”

Cadence had decided it was time to face the music and apologise, heading through the corridors to the dining hall. She was almost there when a bang echoed from that direction, and she started to gallop to see what had happened. She ground to halt with the scene that she was presented with. He was in there, pointing a black smoking object to the head of the table, where Shining Armour was on the ground, forelegs over his head and shaking. There was a smoking hole in his chair where his head would have normally been. “Like I said, drop it.”

She made her way over to Armour and slowly coaxed him back to the table. She brushed his wild mane out of his face and gave him a quick kiss. “So, what did you do?”

“I just asked about last night and he attacked me!”

“Really?” She turned round to face him, disapproval stamped across her face. “That is no way to behave in the presence of royalty, is it? Now, why don't you tell us what actually happened?” Luna's let her magic flow and took hold of the weapon, gently wresting it from his grasp, and floating it to her side of the table.

“He will tell you when...”

“I tried to kill myself.” Cadence said nothing, her mouth open in shock. “My entire life is gone. There is no reason for me to be alive any more. So, why should I be?”

The three ponies at the table stared at me, Cadence and Armour with shock, and Luna with a smile. I just scowled at her, before getting up and walking to the bag and opened it. The ponies were watching with interest as I fumbled around in it, before my hand touched wood. I pulled the AK out and gave it a once over, making sure it was okay. I went to sling it over my shoulder, but it too was taken in a blue haze. I went back into the bag and pulled out a small metal case.

Luna made her way over and looked at the new object, before giving me a confused look and returning to the table. I had never seen this before, yet I knew what it was, no doubt from the info the EMH imprinted in me whilst we travelled here. I pulled the black edge back, watching as it unfolded into a pistol shape. I turned it over and saw some markings on the side – HMWP Xii. Foolishly, I held it out to feel its weight, and yet again Luna took it off me. I turned to her with my eyes narrowed. “Are you going to let me keep any of these weapons?”

“Not until I am certain you can be trusted with them. Now, how many more do you have in that bag?” I picked it up and turned it over. Another eight cases fell out, of varying sizes. The armour from the ship was also on the floor. All the weapons were picked up in Luna's magic, and floated away from me. “If you can get one without using violence, then you may keep hold of it. But... I wish to see you every two hours.”

“I can agree to that.” She smiled at me as I reached round to my back, feeling the cylindrical metal object. I pulled the pin out and took it off my belt, throwing it above the table. I counted five seconds and closed my eyes, covered my ears, and turned around. Even through my closed eyes I saw the flash, and opened them again to see the ponies blindly flailing around. I jumped on the table and ran forward, just as Luna was regaining her senses. She saw me running and ignited her horn, picking up the weapons up as I dove through the air.

“That was not very nice. As it is, you will not be getting any of these weapons!” I stood back up from the floor and started to laugh at her. “Pray tell, what is so funny?”

“You think I want one of those weapons? Why would I want them? I have this one!” I slowly turned round to show her the long metal object in my arms. Her eyes went wide. “Well, you said I had to get one, and I got one.”

“I said using non violent means!! You did not do so!” The rifle was surrounded in a blue haze, and I felt it pulling away from me, but I didn't release my grip.

“I did to! That was a flashbang, a non violent way of pacifying a crowd back in my time.” She stared at me, disapproval still stamped on her face. “Okay, they were used to distract people so that we could then beat the shit out of them, but I didn't do that this time!”

“Auntie Luna?” She tore her gaze away from me and towards Cadence. “May I ask why... you have bruises on your chest, and one on your face?” She looked at me once and then to the table. “YOU DID THIS?”

I felt a pressure on my back as I was pushed forward, and turned round to see a unicorn in dark gold armour with his horn lit up, and I raised the rifle at him. “That... was a bad idea.” I ran forward to meet him as he sent out a pulse of electricity and jumped to the side as it passed me. I got right up to him before he could fire another one and slammed the butt of my rifle into his face. He dropped to the floor as I raised my rifle for another hit.

As I brought my arms down, I found them swinging short, realising I was no longer standing on the ground. I looked to see a different shade blue around my waist, holding me in the air. Movement caught the corner of my eye, and I turned to see Cadence slowly making her way over. “I apologise for his actions, he is very serious about his position, and can sometimes be overzealous. If... I put you down... will you stop this... whatever it is?” I looked to Luna and saw her slowly nod.

“....yes. You have my word.” I was slowly lowered to the floor and released from her hold.

“Now then, what say you to getting back to breakfast?” My stomach let out a rather loud rumble.

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“Why are we doing this again?”

“To see what you are capable of.” The lavender alicorn was just finishing up with her interface, checking the connection to my helmet's communication gear. “Okay, so you know what we want you to do?”

“Get from one end of the gardens to the other, dealing with whatever threats in any way I see fit, but not fatally. Anything else?”

“No, you will be watched from above by Luna and Celestia. I'll be running along parallel to you to keep track of your progress. Now, when you hear the bell, you'll have ten second to get ready to start, and that is when I'll start recoding my findings.”

“Roger that.” She moved to the side and I heard the bell, and three unicorns entered the tent. I heard Twilight's voice through my helmet.

“I didn't arrange this... what are you going to do?” The horns started to glow. “So, what's the plan?”

“I'm going to finish counting to ten.” I heard a frustrated grunt as the first spell was almost ready.


The other ones were almost ready as well.


The took aim straight at me.


I dove forward as the ground where I was just stood exploded, rolling forward and standing up in the middle of the unicorns. I lashed straight out with both arms to the side, connecting with two different heads, right below the eyes. The third raised his rear legs to kick me, but I caught them before he could and rammed my leg in to the joint, dislocating it. The other two tried to rejoin, but I kicked on and punched the other, watching as they all fell to the ground. Twilight's voice cracked though the speakers. “You could've killed them!!! Why... didn't you?”

“I was given permission to neutralize any threats.” I watched as they all tried to crawl away. “They aren't threats any more.” I could almost feel the frustration emanating from her.

“Bucking semantics. Fine, get to the other side of the gardens! And technically, you started to move forty milliseconds before you were supposed to”

Celestia and Luna saw him appear from the tent, instantly running for the cover of a hedge. He had been allowed a quick look over where they had set the course up, and he requested some clothing dye. Rarity was sworn to secrecy as to why, only saying that his fashion sense was 'simple ghastly, something even Rainbow Dash would agree with', even though the pegasus replied with the fact it was cool. They caught a glimpse of the design briefly as he ran under the light of the moon when it came out from behind a cloud, but now they couldn't see him.

The task was to get from one end of the garden to the other as quick as possible. There were pegasi guards patrolling through the air, and unicorns and earth guards patrolling the ground, armour with candles on special holders on the front. They were spread out evenly, and nothing happened for a good ten minutes. Then it started. The innermost light suddenly went dark. A pegasus swept down to investigate, and his light too went dark.

More lights approached the dark spot, and then one of the outer ones went dark. Another one on the other side went out. More and more went dark, until there were only four. They stood in the very centre of the garden, facing out and watching each others blind side. Celestia and Luna saw two horns glowing, and then watched the spells released and impact just out of the range of the candles.

Two lights went forward to investigate, before going dark as well. The last two started to swing wildly about, and they knew the guards were panicking now. They kept watching for another ten minutes but the candles remained alight. He had left these two for some reason. The looked to the end of the garden to see the torches by the door had gone out as well. They heard the flap of wings and turned to see Twilight land on the balcony. “I lost him, right before he got the first guard. He won't respond to me, but I know he is still out there somewhere.”

They all turned round to look over the gardens, trying to get a glimpse of his whereabouts. They stood there for a further five minutes until a dull thud of something hitting concrete behind them gave them a start, and they all jumped in to the air, turning to see... nothing. Celestia waved her hoof to the side and five pegasi guards, led by a mare from weather control, took off. They cleared the sky in thirty seconds, the moon's light pouring in to the gardens. Celestia whipped round at Luna and Twilight's gasps, looking over the balcony with her.

Out of seventy five guards, only two were moving. Most of them were just lying on the floor unconscious, but those that were near trees were hanging by a hoof here and there wrapped in vines. And there was no sign of him. Celestia turned to walk back inside. “Twilight, Luna, you have spent the most time with him, I leave it to you to work out where he has gone.” She stopped by some small trees on the balcony. “Hopefully he is still in hiding and he will hey!”

Something had prodded her in the flank, and she shot out a wing in that direction. It hit the trees, and she looked at them confused, before pushing her head between them, getting quite a big surprise. Sitting behind them, in her chair from her bed chamber, eating a slice of her favourite cake, was him, a big smile on his face. “But... how?” She then saw his clothing. Dark greens, brown, black... if she didn't know what to look for now, he could've stood next to a hedge and she would have been none the wiser.

“Which part? The cake or the chair?”

“All of it! That is my personal chair!! And the kitchens are locked at this time of night!!”

“Well, the big ass door with a sun on it can only belong to one person, and the kitchen... I owe you a new door for that.”

“But... what of the guards inside the castle?” As she said this, they heard a groan from inside, where a guard groggily made his way from.

“Uh... your majesties... there is something in the castle.” Luna stuck her head through the door and saw guards all over the place, against walls and sprawled on the floor. She spread her wings and flew a particular route. She started at the garden door, headed to the kitchen, then to Celestia's room, and finally to the balcony, counting all the way. She trotted back out and drew Celestia's attention.

“Uh sister, you know you promised the guards involved a extra day off?”

“Yes Luna, I remember. We will be no worse for wear with seventy five less guard for one day.”

“Actually, the total is... two hundred and seventeen.”


“He... did the same to the guards inside as well.” A belch came from within the trees, and a plate was pushed through. He followed with a brown bottle in his hand.

“Damn this cider is good! Where's this 'Sweet Apple Acres'? I could do with a trip there. Why are you all staring at me like that? Oh, and I case you were wondering, I can do this!” They watched as his armoured shimmered, and then he completely disappeared. They could still hear his voice though. “Pretty cool, right?”

“Twilight, we did this two days ago. Why are we doing it again?”

“This time you are doing it without your armour, but will have something else. And this time it's for science.” She pulled a bowl off the side and set it in front of him. The tent flap opened and Luna walked in. “Ah, perfect timing. Luna, if you would please?”

“Of course, Twilight.” Her horn glowed and water started to pool in the bowl, along with a small current of magic. He shot out of his chair and backed away.

“No. Not after what you told me, no fucking way.”

“It's okay... I think it will be fine. Plus, we have devised a way to stop you... or at least slow you down.” Luna slowly walked over to him and their eyes met.

“Please, do this for me. I promise that whatever happens, we will forgive you for it.” The bowl was lifted up and floated over to them. “Please?”

He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh, before opening them again and nodding. He slowly took the bowl in his hands, and drank the entire lot. His hands shot to his head as he started to breathe heavily. He dropped to the floor and started to shake, but Luna held him close to make sure he didn't hurt himself. After a few moments he was still, and they heard the tell tale sound of sniffing. Quick as a flash, he flipped Luna over and once again bit down on her neck. She went limp, showing that she was no threat to him. He gave a growl to Twilight, who lay down on the floor, to show she was submissive.

His eyes were yellow, and they slowly turned back to their normal shade, but they still had a tint of yellow in them. He let go of Luna and stepped back, looking around the room. They were glad to see it wasn't as bad as last time. “So... can anyone explain why that's the second time I came around with Luna in my mouth?”

Twilight stood up and stared at nothing. “Well... my theory is... that effect brings out the more primal side of you. I'm not sure why you acted the way you did when you landed, but the last two times it has been Luna's magic, so it's safe to assume that you went after her because you felt some sort of connection.”

“I had three times the norm of whatever it is running through my systems at the time of the crash, so that might be why I was so out of it. And what now?”

“Same drill. Get to the door at the other end of the garden. You'll be on your own this time, so just stand in the light by the door when you are finished. Do you understand?”

“Get to door, wait.”

“Good, we'll see you there.”

They had double the guard in the garden. The moon was still behind a cloud when Luna and Twilight joined Celestia on the balcony. They nodded to her, and stood watching the gardens. Twilight's horn lit up and a bell rang, signalling the start. It happened faster this time. The tent flap blew opened, and he came running out, slamming right in to the first guard and sending him flying. He ran right through them, carving a straight path through the gardens. The guard had learnt from the other day though.

As he approached the centre, a whole set of horns started to glow, and as soon as he entered the range of the candles, they let loose. Once the smoke cleared, the saw a crater in the gardens, twenty metres wide. One guard slowly made his way over to the side to check. Even on the balcony, they could hear the snarling. Then came a massive, feral roar, followed by a blur that hit the guard full force, sending him in to the air. A couple of the pegasi caught him, and went to return to the fight.

By then, it was already too late, he had got past them. The alicorns on the balcony could see the lights heading to the door to catch up, but the shadow in front was just too quick. They saw him emerge into the light by the door, but he didn't stop like he was supposed to. They lost track of him as he ran into the shadows again. The guards surrounded that corner and sent illumination spells out, revealing... nothing. Not him, not some unconscious guards, just the gardens as they were during the day.

Then they heard it, scrambling across concrete. Before they could react, he leapt over the side of the balcony, and then jumped at Luna, again sending them rolling. Once the dust cleared, her neck wasn't in his mouth this time. Instead, her wings were at their full, her cheeks were very pink, and he was quite happily nibbling on one of her ears.......

Author's Note:

They have finally started. It is

And yes, before you ask, he is speaking whilst 'feral'. It happens where the idea comes from, so that may give you a bit of a hint as the what that is, but I can't say too much or it might give it away!