• Published 24th May 2013
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Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame - Lucky424

I went under for five years waiting for a cure. Something went wrong.

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Chapter 2: Completing the Exodus.

We slunk along in the shadows of the buildings, hiding in them when we heard movement. I understood by what the robot meant by 'last' human. These things certainly weren't. In a world like this, weapons would be sought after, but having entered a police station and finding the armoury fully stocked, something wasn't right. As we hid from more of these things, I finally got my first look at them.

They stood upright, but it seemed they had devolved somewhat, as they were hunched over. Looked more like Neanderthals. They stopped outside the door and I ducked down again, banging in to the side....and knocking something off. They all looked towards us and made their way inside. I could hear some sort of growling, and raised my rifle up ready to counter them, but the robot burst out of the corner and shot them all. “We'd best hurry, this was one of their patrols. When they don't reach the next checkpoint, they'll send out scouting parties to find them. It would be best if we are not present. The drop ship is close now, a few more blocks.”

I nodded to it and we left the store front, moving as fast as we could. We reached a fenced off area, and I could see the ship waiting on a landing pad. Finding a hole, we entered the airfield, but didn't see the trip wire. So, at least they still had some sort of intelligence left. It was linked to an alarm of some sort... made out of skulls. The rattling ended, but we could hear commotion around us. At the far edges of the field, we could see more of these things coming, and they would be here before we got to the ship.

The robot rolled forward and multiple barrels appeared out of it's body. The head turned to look at me. “Go now sergeant, I will hold them off.”

“No, I'm going to need you!”

“The computer will tell you everything you need to know. Now... go.” The head turned again and the guns opened fire. I ran towards the ship and ran up the ramp, closing it behind me. I made my way in the cockpit and started looking for the controls. They were in a different language, but I followed the colour codded controls till I found the power switch. I turned the power on, and looked out the window in time to see the robot get swarmed. It fell to the ground and they started to beat the crap out of it. It fired a few times and then stopped moving, leaving them to come for the ship. I could hear the bangs on the hull as I got the autopilot to run through a quick pre flight, looking at the light to tell me it was ready for flight.

After five minutes, it glowed green, and as I reached up to grab it one of the creatures landed on the canopy. As it raised it's weapon, some sort of cudgel, I hit the ignition switch and watched as wall of flame incinerated anything within a thirty metre radius. For the first ten seconds nothing happened, then I found myself pressed into the seat as the ship accelerated away from the ground very quickly. It took around two minutes to clear the atmosphere, and the ship reorientated itself, aiming for the moon. I then noticed a registration plaque on the bulkhead.

''Truppentransporter zwei, Magie von Freundschaft.'

Okay, that name is getting changed!

Twilight was stood above the three fillies, arguing over who would be the first to play with Smarty Pants. It still wasn't right, this wasn't the kind of friendship problem she wanted to solve, she needed something else. “I gotta think of something! Thinkthinkthinkthinkthink, Twilight, think!” She let out a surprised gasp. “That's it! Ooh, you're going to like Smarty Pants. And you're going to like her more than anything.” She charged her horn and released her spell, watching as the fillies eyes turned to heart shapes. They stopped arguing and turned to look at the doll. Scootaloo was the first to speak.

“I want it!”

Applebloom popped up in front of her. “I need it!”

Sweetie Belle then jumped in front of both of them. “ I really like her mane!” Twilight smiled to herself over her success, watching as the girls started to argue over who wanted it more.

“The 'want it, need it' spell. Works every time. Okay okay, let's break it up. I think we can all see that there is an important lesson to be learned here about....” The fillies started to roll around on the ground. “C'mon, girls, we're all friends here, right? Don't you think you ought to share?” Applebloom was thrown out of the pony pile.

“No way!” She charged back into the group, and Twilight let out an annoyed groan. A large barrelled red stallion came up next to her, and she turned to see who it was.

“Big McIntosh! Thank goodness! You've got to help me get that doll away from those girls!”

“Eeyup.” He put down the bucket and leant in to the pile, coming away with the doll in his mouth.

“Oh thank you so much! Now, if you could just give her to me?”

“Nnnope.” The stallion took of running, the three fillies chasing him down, and drawing the attention of other ponies in the park.

Little did Spike know how bad it was going to get when he said things wouldn't end well....

I watched as the drop ship slowed to a crawl, just coasting as it approached the docking bay. A arm from the large ship in orbit extended out, catching the drop ship. My body was slammed in to the harness at the sudden deceleration. The arm started to retract, and once inside the door closed. I saw air pouring into the room, and the red light turned green, the inner doors opening to reveal a spacious shuttle bay. There were nine other drop ships inside, the only bay being empty was the one I now occupied. The ramp opened automatically, and I made my way off.

A path was traced on the floor by white lights, so I started to follow them towards the bulkhead. They took me down multiple corridors until they just stopped, and a door to my left slid away, revealing a well lit room. It was pristine white, with a few beds to the side and one in the middle, surrounded by strange equipment. I stepped in to the room and the lights fluttered, followed by a voice to my left. “Danke für die Aktivierung des Notfall medizinische Hologramm.” I turned to see a man in a white coat. “Bitte geben Sie die Art Ihrer Bedrängnis.”

He was waiting for a reply, but I didn't understand what he was saying. He approached, and then spoke again. “Können Sie mich verstehen? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” I recognised that sentence, but I hadn't spoken it in years. I racked my brain for a few minutes whilst he stared at me, before I finaly got what I wanted to say.

“Nicht sehr gut. Sprachen sie Englisch?” It was too much to hope for, but the man closed his eyes and I could see them moving under the lids. A few moments later, he reopened them and looked back at me.

“Can... you understand me now?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Ah, brilliant. Now, thank you for activating the Emergency Medical Hologram. Please state the nature of your affliction.” A medical hologram. A hologram. “Wait, you are not a member of the crew. Hold on a moment. Scanning. Oh. You are the only human on the ship, it was evacuated. I wonder why. No matter, lie on the bed and I will perform a arrivals medical.”

“Look, I just got here and followed the lights. I have no idea where I am, what is going on, where every one else is, or what the fuck has happened in the last thousand years!”

“Where have you been?”

“In a fucking ice tube for a thousand fucking years! Everyone I know is fucking dead, the world I knew is fucking dead, and now I'm dealing with a fucking computer!”

“I think you need to calm down. I can not help you in this state.”

“Calm down? I think I'm doing pretty fucking well don't you? In fact, I don't have to put with this shit! I'm going to find out what's going on, and you can't do a fucking thing to stop me!”

The doors slid shut in front of me and the white lights turned red. “Really? You are now locked in, so I suggest you just comply with me.” I leaped at him, but passed right through. “Hologram, remember? I can control my consistency, and that allows me to chose what I can physically touch. Now, let's get you on the bed.” His arm grabbed me by the shoulder and lead me over to a bed.

I couldn't do anything to him, so let him work. The first thing was a blood test, and it was still carried out the same way, but was placed in some sort of scanner. The next was and MRI, CAT scan, and other similar procedures, and then the blood test was complete. The hologram sat in his office getting a picture of my biology, and after a few minutes came back in to the main room. “Well, it has be along time since we have seen these sort of results, and you are one of the 'pure' humans. What were you doing down on Terra?”

“Terra?” He just nodded at me. “This is the first time I left. It was still called Earth when I was there. I've been in cyro-stasis for the last thousand years!”

“Ah, well in that case, we'll need to get you up to speed. First though, you'll want to head up to the bridge and get us under way. If you are the last one to come back, which considering all drop ships are back, then there is no use waiting around. Just follow the lights, I'll change the computers language settings.”

The lights on the door turned white and slid open, so I walked out and followed them again. It took me about twenty minutes to actually reach the bridge, and I was quite surprised how enclosed it was. It could easily be run by one person at a push, and by around seven at full capacity. I made my way to the centre chair and sat down, watching as the floor raised up, giving me a control terminal.

I tapped it once and it lit up, text scrolling across it really fast. The screen went dark again and I could hear a deep humming sound from somewhere on board, just as the terminal lit up again, along with the rest of the ship. I flicked through the systems till I found the navigation suite, and opened it up. It showed a map of the galaxy, but there seemed to be some data missing. No systems had any information, surely we would've colonised other worlds in the last thousand years. Only one system seemed to have a flight plan to it, so I loaded it up and started the engines. Once I saw the moon moving on the rear view cameras I got up and made my way back to the med bay.

I entered to see a cryo tube being prepared. “What's going on?” The hologram turned from his terminal and looked to me.

“Well, the system you chose will take eighteen months to get to. We don't have enough supplies on board for you to survive that long, and you will need to be brought up to speed. This pod will also increase your muscle strength whilst inside. The computer will constantly feed you information as well. Now, climb in.”

Well, I had already been in for a thousand years, what was another eighteen months? “If you put me away for another millennium, I will find a way to hurt you.” The lid slid shut, and I felt a similar reaction as before, but this was more streamlined. I saw the lights dimming before closing my eyes.

“Seriously though, I get why the queen of the Changelings wanted to be with you, but how did you get someone as amazing as Cadance to marry you?” Her brother smiled down at her as his bride-to-be approached them.

“I told her she wouldn't just be gaining a husband, she'd be getting a pretty great sister, too.” She came alongside them, and Twilight stepped to the side, Celestia coming closer to the two ponies.

“Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of the real Princess Mi Am ore Cadenza...”

“Princess Cadance is fine.”

“Hm. The union of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The strength of their commitment is clear. The power of their love, undeniable. May we have the rings please?” They were floated over, one given to each, and then placed on the others horn. “I now pronounce you mare and colt.” The crowd erupted into cheering as the bride and groom leant into a kiss. Celestia leant down towards Twilight. “ This is your victory as much as theirs. You persisted in the face of doubt, and your actions led to your being able to bring the real Princess Cadence back to us. Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn.” She turned her attention to the pegasus on her other side. “Rainbow Dash, that is your cue.”

“Huh? Oh yeah!” There was a blur of motion as she took off and flew towards the sky. There was a bright flash and an ever expanding rainbow as Shining Armour and his new wife Princess Cadence pulled away, smiling at each other.

The sensation of ants biting me was there again, but didn't last as long this time round. There was no water pooling at my feet, but I could see a dull orange glow to either side of me. I felt my blood pumping in to my limbs and slowly moved them. A green light shone down from above, drawing my attention. Looking up, I saw a release handle, so opened the pod, stumbling out to the floor. “Well, we have arrived on the outer edges of the system. I have also discovered an anomaly it your blood work.”

I turned to see the hologram stood next to me. “What kind of anomaly?”

“I'm not sure, it has something to do with your cure.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “I looked up your name in our records sergeant. You will need a booster every now and then, and I have created a serum that you will have to use once every two months. Now, head up to the bridge, the computer is ready to land.”

I pulled on a set of clothes and made my way to the control centre, again sitting in the centre chair. The computer lit up and I saw two trajectories. One was set towards a moon in orbit of a planet, the other was a slingshot orbit of said planet. Before I could do anything, I heard a nearby door slam shut, and watched as the centre view screen turned to the moon. The rest of the ship minus the flight deck and a little behind arced away to do an orbit. Why I didn't know, but it wasn't like I had time ask.

The moon got even closer, and it disappeared from view as we flared upwards. I felt a solid thump throughout the vessel, and got up to look out the window, seeing the moon's surface below me. I heard a door slide open to reveal what looked like a space suit. Shrugging, I went over to it and tapped the terminal on the wall, looking at the information about the suit.

Colossus-Xii Heavy Armour. Nano fibre weave for easy movement. Modified version with no shields to allow for lighter materials.

I pulled it put and began to put it on, smiling with satisfaction as each section seemed to self seal with the rest of the armour. I then removed it and put it back into stowage. No point wearing it before I need to, right?. Heading back to the computer, I noticed that the main ship would be back soon. I strapped myself back in to the seat feeling the ship take off again and head towards the planet, stopping about halfway.

“But... what do I do now? Is there a book about being a princess I should read?” Celestia giggled at her long time student, now a fellow princess.

“There will be time for all of that later.”

A few days later and Celestia was stood with Luna and Cadence to her side. The other bearers were lined up to the side, Twilights family on the other side, surrounded by a whole host of ponies. She stood straighter and addressed the crowd. “We are gathered here today in celebration of a momentous occasion. My most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, has done many extraordinary things since she's lived in Ponyville.” She turned to look at the dark alicorn next to her.“She even helped reunite me with my sister, Princess Luna. But today, Twilight Sparkle did something extraordinary. She created new magic, proving without a doubt that she is ready to be crowned Equestria's newest princess. Fillies and gentlecolts, may I present for the very first time, Princess Twilight Sparkle!”

The doors swung upon, and Twilight came marching in, followed by four attendants and her current personal guard, all highly trained unicorns. She approached Celestia and stood before her. Spike came from the side, here Element tiara on a cushion. It was lifted in a gold aura of Celestia's magic and place upon Twilight's head. The four princess made their way to a balcony overlooking Canterlot Castle grounds, witch were packed to the brim with ponies.

Twilight smiled and waved awkwardly at them, unsure what to do. On seeing this, Celestia leant down to her. “Say something, princess.”

“Oh, um...” She cleared her throat and stepped to the edge of the balcony. “A little while ago, my teacher and mentor Princess Celestia sent me to live in Ponyville. She sent me to study friendship, which is something I didn't really care much about.” She turned to look at the others standing in the doorway. “But now, on a day like today, I can honestly say I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for the friendships I've made with all of you.” She waved them forward, and the walked out on to the balcony. “Each one of you taught me something about friendship, and for that, I will always be grateful. Today, I consider myself the luckiest pony in Equestria. Thank you, friends. Thank you, everypony!”

I noticed the sun and moon at opposite sides of the view screens, moving at the same time... and both around the planet. “What the fuck? A planet that has it's sun orbit it? How the fuck does that work?”

A orange light flashed on the control panel, alerting me to the rest of the ship coming in. One of the screens flashed up and I saw the hologram appear. “Ah, you made it. Uh, I have some bad news, sergeant. It turns out that the Friendship was abandoned due to the fact it's re-entry programming was erroneous. It can't actually land, nor can it reconnect with the command module. The module is also not designed for re-entry without the rest of the ship. I'm not sure what to do.”

I closed my eyes for a few moments thinking things through. “Why can't we link back up?”

“The docking software for the command module does not exist, and the knowledge I have does not allow me to write it. Nor does the knowledge imprinted upon you whilst you were sleeping. That was part of the next set of lessons.” I tapped a few command and switch the module over to manual. “Sergeant, what are you doing?”

“Simple. We are going to reconnect manually. Shouldn't be too difficult.”

“But that will not wor...”

“Shut up and let me drive!” I turned my module around and saw lights moving in the direction of the moon, so I headed towards it. I saw I was approaching the front, so swung around and started to back in, keeping a close eye on the rear cameras. I was nearly in, about twenty metres to go, when an explosion rocked the docking port. I switched the camera back to the hologram. “What the fuck just happened?”

“I don't know how they did it, but some of the creatures from Terra made it on board! They started to attack everything the could. I think they were trying to get to the bridge, but that is now what you are on!” There was another explosion, larger than the last. The shock wave hit my module and sent it spinning out of control. In the flashing windows, I saw the rest of the ship exploding, and then it disappeared again. A image appeared on the terminal, showing our relative positions. I was on a trajectory to crash land somewhere in the northern region, but not sure where. The main ship was going to crash somewhere in a southern desert.

I managed to get control of the module and stop the spinning, but I was too deep in the planets gravity to try and pull away. I started to enter the atmosphere, seeing the heat build up around the windows. The computer flashed red, a single line of text on display.

Collision course.

I looked out the window and could just make out a large circular tower in the distance straight ahead of me. A second line of text followed the first.

Warning: collision will be fatal. Will need a triple serum boost to survive. Sorry, but this is the only way. EMH.

Three needles shot out on robotic arms. Two shot into my arms and emptied. The third aimed for my chest, and shot forward, pumping the liquid straight in to my heart. I felt it pumping through my veins, and the edges of my vision started to tint yellow...

“Good evening, princess.” Cadence turned her head to see who had spoke to her, but nopony was present. Returning her gaze to her front, she met with a set of deep cerulean eyes staring at her and jumped back a little, before realising who it was. She leant forward and kissed the pony before her.

“Good evening to you, my prince.” Shining Armour had a little laugh, this had always amused him. They made their way to the dining hall for their evening meal, when one of their aides came running up to them.

“Your majesties, we have an emergency! There is something burning in the night sky, heading this way, and moving very fast!” Before they could react, they felt an impact on the Crystal Castle. They ran to the window in time to see the flaming object spinning out of control and impacting the ground in the forest just outside the city limits.

“Guards!” Four of them came running to Shining Armour. “Find me the captain, arrange a containment team, and a medical one as well. We don't know what that was, but perhaps we can help if anything was in it.”

Author's Note:

..............whoops. Things are about to go to hell. Or Tartarus. Depends on your species.