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My current Status. · 9:04pm May 26th, 2015

To all my followers and readers. Firstly, I wish to thank you for your attention and support. Second, I wish to apologize to lack of updates. I was currently working on the next chapter of Friendship is out of this world when I fell ill. It's been hard to write with this illness and I hope to get over it soon.

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Is Robobrony alive? He was ill 2015 and since than, nothing...

Edit: Just checked, he last updated this year. Nevermind...

I loved reading your angel and prince stories years ago. It’s mad to see how long ago those were but man they are still so well written that I’ll probably re read them sometime. I hope you’re doing well with whatever you’re doing.

Hey it’s a real honor to comment to you and I’m glad to hear nothing terrible has happened to you I’m a huge fan of some of your work like The lost prince returns, the rise of the Robopony, and friendship is out of this world is by far my biggest favorite. Like how it starts with two alien-like ponies from a lost world called Equinia and they come to Equestria and especially with how you adapt your original characters to the story it’s amazing I hope at some point friendship is out of this world will pick back up but I'm not trying to rush or pressure you I was just afraid something happened to you because on your blog you said you had Fallen ill and with the way the world has been lately with the Covid pandemic and all I'm just so glad that you're still around because also your stories are what finally got me into my little pony so I could visualize the stories better so if you can could you reply or PM me if it's not a bother.

You know just a suggestion how about a sequel on the 'The Lost Prince Returns I happen to really like it. :pinkiehappy: Also how Dawn Light got married to Crystal it would be very interesting known how that works. :pinkiesmile: :raritystarry:

1611557 What makes you think I'm going to use stuff from Doctor Who? No, I'm not going to do that.

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