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This is a Group Dedicated to All of the People Who Created Stories and Was All Given Nothing But Hate , and Also it Didn't Get Any Lots of Views and it didn't get favored, It Deserves Some Love.

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I need some love/comments for my story, Nightmare Moon is Coming to Town!.

I need love on "Marshmallow"! Somepony give me an internet hug! :applecry:

My fic's had about over 100 views, several have added it to favorites, but the like/dislike spread is 11likes, to 4 dislikes. (Counting my own vote...)
I think mine's a matter of a lack of attention... Or title. *sigh* Right now its on hiatus, due to the Christmas season and massive writer's block setting in on the fourth chapter. Meanwhile, if you all could go and give it a read, that would be amazing. I'll add it to the group, too.


I notice most stories on here are actully rated quite well, i say (if you can) tke out stories once there popular my stories for instance 6 up 21 down other srories on here 100+ up 21- down, others should be taken off (my stoire is Eris's Life)

So lets I have a story that has been favorited by a few people but is still low on views, can I post it here?

Lately it seems none of my stories are getting much love, but my story Xenochronicle, which is a big project I'm trying to work on, is getting barely any love. I know it's not a bad story, but still...

My first attempt at a ROM/SOL fic ended badly, but now with some guidance and a great editor, my story, Of Phobias and Falling In Love has gotten better. But i wish people wouldn't dismiss a story based on how many dislikes it has. Mine doesn't have that many.

Current Rating: 11 Likes and 10 Dislikes(from the old version). So that would make it now 1 Like and 0 Dislikes, 179 views.

Please tell me what you think of it. :yay:

Well, thought I'd come back into this group. After all, fame doesn't come like that, so word has to get out somehow.:derpytongue2:

(And by the same reasoning, Shameless self port: For A Fresh Start )

So, a lot (relatively speaking, of course) of people came to my story--Equa Magi Spikuka Magica-- and disliked it a lot. Now that's all fine and good, but no one ever really left a comment as to what I did wrong. I feel that the writing and atmosphere are fairly decent, but can I get someone else's opinion of what I did wrong?

I just don't have a lot of feedback on my first fic here. Mostly positive, but only a few up-votes.:fluttershbad:

Give it some LOVE?

Watching the World Burn

While i'm honored my first story(the first digimon crossover at that...) is here, i truthfully dont really like it. at all.

my second try however...

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It appears that a large portion of the stories here are either extremely popular, or too young to be judged as underrated or not.
I was a little disappointed because the first two stories that I saw here were either posted a mere 6 hours ago or have over 1500 upvotes to 30 downvotes, rather than stories that are obscure, and need a little attention.

and most of the comments are positive

what confuses me is my story has only 2 dislikes:applejackconfused:

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