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Greetings to whoever reads this you have stumbled upon my page. My name is Jade and I'm a 19 year old trans woman from England who's finally broken her years worth of writer's block to fully embrace writing/storytelling once again.

I have been interested in writing fanfictions ever since I first discovered MLP back in October 2010 when the show was still undergoing it's infancy golden years. This spark to begin writing myself fully manifested from the rise of more grimdark style fanfics such as Rainbow Factory by AuroraDawn and The Shadow Behind Her Eyes by Mudraynebow (Amazing fics by the way you should definitely read) .

Lastly to mention , is that when I'm not just writing I'm also a heavily dedicated archivist and editor in my spare time which has resulted in me managing a large pony content focused YouTube channel and creatively active DeviantArt the links for which will be included down below.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay <3

- Archive Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JadeTheElf
- DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/twiggles64


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Thank you that means a lot.

It's no problem at all I really enjoy your work especially since a couple of your stories were the backbone of my grimdark awakening (More specifically Why I stopped watching My Little Pony) but your other fanfics are wonderfully crafted as well.

Keep up the awesome work :D

Thank you for the fav and follow it is appreciated.

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