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While on her way home from a day with her friends, Apple Bloom runs into Twilight on a trip to Zecora's hut. After insisting to join her, little Apple Bloom gets lost in the woods after chasing a mysterious mare hiding amongst the poison joak. She stumbles upon a town completely isolated within the Ever Free Forest, but something about this town just doesn't feel right...

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This is based of that game, right?

Sooo, a town like Silent Hill? I guess I'll find out when I read it in a few hours.

Finally someone put this story into fan fan fiction format and expanded upon it. This has always been my favorite MLP: FIM horror stories. It's nice to see a familiar story retold, added to and made even better, so kudos to you, dude. Story of the Blanks is super popular, I mean there a ton of awesome fan art based on it.


but for something a little less grim


Peace Out.


Isn't this just taken for devianart?

Always nice to see a Story of the Blanks fic every now and then. MLP needs a few more horror stories like that.

I'm at a loss for words here, that was good.

Yes! Finally the fic my fic is based on is here! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh my God. I had shivers run down my spine through most of this story. Great job!!!

Thanks a lot, so much for sleeping tonight. :raritydespair: :pinkiecrazy:
Great story, even better ending.

Excellent work. You captured the essence of the game flawlessly. And you actually came up with a plausible explanation for why they hated cutie marks. Bravo.

About time someone made this into a story.

Wow! Thank you for all the praise everyone. I didn't expect so many responses so fast. I'm glad you all are enjoying the fic. @Natural: Yes, it is based off the game, but with a creative adaption to better the story.

Thanks for all the praises and stars! :yay:

Very well done. One of very few 'fan-fics' that improves on the source. :raritywink:

wow! Awesome story! I accidentally bumped into this one and it seemed quite fun.
more like AWESOME at that! I don't rember how i got to it though...
have some staches:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

very nice story man. i thought it was really good not to creepy just the good level of it.:twilightsmile:

There's no thumbs down... And it makes sense. Good job! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Yes, loved it. I give it it 5 of 5. Great adaptation of a fan game. Listened to the first Silent Hill's theme on my mp3 while reading. The end reminds me of Star Wars Episode VI's ending with Anakin joining Kinobi and Yoda.

Well, the ending isn't quiet what I expected. I didn't know that Mitta was relieved of the curse. Not really all that scary, just suspenseful. It was well expanded from the game and fun to read.:scootangel:

This was really well executed! Great atmosphere! :twilightsmile:

And as I said before, excellent work.

After playing the game, I tried finding a fanfic. This was great:rainbowkiss:. But I feel it's bad that I didn't get too scared, and I'm a girl:pinkiecrazy:.

:fluttercry: Loved it even if I did cry a little.....okay a lot. :raritycry:

Mechanically, I've only spotted a small problem. A "colt" would more be attributed to a very young male pony; and the same for females applies to "filly." The proper term for a full-grown male pony would be "stallion," and "mare" for a female. Just thought I'd clear that up.
To the positive: Brilliant; all I can say is brilliant, Sir. You've captured the main focus of that game perfectly, and expanded on it, making for one of the greatest stories I've ever read. From the eerie smiles, to the bit-by-bit revelations, to the grim murder of a young filly. You've done it all with remarkable precision. Bravo, Sir! Bravo!

Well that part was more there for closure. This fic isn't a word-for-word replica of the game's plot and I've tried to expand on many of the original plot holes and fill in gaps with some creative insight here and there to make it a more complete tale. If that makes any sense...

797686 Yeah, That make sense. You took a good Idea, filled in the gaps, and made it better.:scootangel:

I read this yesterday, directly before going to sleep. It was fantastic. Exactly the kind of horror story I like.

cool stroy bro tell it again :pinkiehappy:

cool. i wanna rewrite the story and change the ending. add onto it like that and make it a horror/adventure story. ^^- i LOVE this story and i'm gonna have a few friends help

Wow, another Story of the Blanks fanfic. This is good, really good. Did I already say this was good? Let me repeat that. This is good. I wish my story of the blanks fic got this much thumbs up. Bravo

Dis was some good horror! :yay:

How did I not see this was on FimFiction?! I first saw it on dA and i LOVED it, so thank you for posting it here! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


A truly excellent story! a good mixture of dark and light. your layout was superb, the suspense was gripping, it had a happy ending, it explained the thoughts of the protagonist.... I have pages of these, i could go on for hours. A true masterpiece.

I tip my hat to you sir!

Wow, this is an amazing story!

NIcely done. I throughly enjoyed reading that. Although, I have a couple of things I'd personally like to see explained or done. For example why were the ghost (now ghosts) still around? They were deemed innocent by the forest so why stick around? Another is I'd like to have seen the actual killing scene come off with more horror. Just getting one stab to the throat is fine but was just kinda lack luster considering the events that conspired beforehand and the retaliation afterwards. Some notes on what I'm thinking of would be along the lines of more ponies from the village be made mention in the killing room and then helping with the act itself, and the murder itself to be a bit more gruesome and therefore making the punishment afterwards more deserving.
One last thing I can think of would be a bit of the story tacked to the side to detail on what happens to outsiders after they enter the village but I don't really think it's necessary.

Other then those few points I really liked this story and I'll be one to watch for more of this type in the future from you. I'd really like to see a sequel with applebloom and those ghosts having further interactions with each other but have the story itself not centered around the cursed village again since it was covered in this fic so well.

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go feel all warm and fuzzy inside from the ending.:twilightsmile:

Before i read i have to comment, you miss spelled joke as joak. now ill read it

No, that seemed to be intentional. It happened multiple times, reducing the possibility of it being accidental to slim-nil. I was confused too, until I realized that it was a play on poison oak, a plant similar to poison ivy. Poison joke is, in fact, a play on poison oak, but the author just chose to spell it differently. Or so I'd assume, at any rate. Maybe it really is a typo.

this story was EXTREMELY GOOD!!! My new fav fanfic! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: I know who I'm gonna follow :raritystarry:

I cried. I truly cried. I know this was taken from the game, but u need to make your own creepypasta!

Awww...I love the end!
BRB crying.:pinkiesad2:

Even the game matches this to a tee.

Watched the play through of the game last night and I was scared of this creepy pasta that I couldn't fall asleep with those reapers in my head.

I really have to use a dead town like this in my story just for the scary stuff and make it with a twist for the plot. Not the town, the characters.

And yes I cried.

This is a great story. I loved it. :D :yay:

i played half of the game and got scared :derpyderp2: :pinkiecrazy:

"like" no. 200 :pinkiehappy: love this story

Very nice story. I've been in the mood for something like this recently. Now I'm even more in the mood for something like this. Dammit :twilightblush:

Holy Crap, that's a good story! I played the game and was freaked out by it! :derpyderp1: I barely got through it was so scared! :derpytongue2:

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