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Private travels to Manehatten once again to answer the call of his Uncle Lazarus. An ancient family heirloom has been stolen by a mysterious thief. Joining Private this time is his cousin Cross. The young colt idolizes the detective and wants to tag along on this case. But Cross seems to be hiding something that Private can't put his hoof on. That isn't the only thing that's being hidden. For the heirloom appears to be connected to a local community of Zebra that have moved in the last few months. That and a new zebra detective by the name of Seeker is also looking for the heirloom for his own personal reasons. Can Private find the heirloom before something terrible happens? Just how much is this side of Private's family hiding?

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Yay! You guys are back. How was Christmas?

Really like the theme of this story so far, and Cross seems to remind me a bit of Duck from the Walking Dead game. And nice intergration of the S3 episodes.

On a side note, will you be continuing Bright Eyes? I was enjoying that side story, although it needs some grammatical fix up with punctuation and such.

Zebra Town

Is this the Equestrian Harlem?

1953504A mix of harlem and China Town

WHEEEEEE! Equestria Noir returns! :pinkiehappy:

"He's my what now?" XDDDD Oh, when Rainbow Dash hears about that!

1953219 Vacation was great! Unfortunately, I'm sick as hell now. So I haven't started on all the work I need to do for Jacoboby. Epic fail.

YAY NEW CASE:pinkiehappy:


“I just want to know when I can be expecting grandkids…” My dad broke into laughter as my jaw dropped.

have a heart-felt welcome back hug from your friendly neighbourhood stiggerzz btw, great to see ya back in action (>^_^)>:twilightsmile:

mother-bucking trixie:trixieshiftright:

i insta-loved cross:twilightsmile: hope he gets seen a lot on here

1954224 that sucks, hopes ya get's better:twilightsmile:

1953219Cross is more based on Joss from Kim Possible, the whole idea of Private being in that situation just made for all sorts of cool moments. Bright eyes I'm planning it to continue after a case along with the normal side story. Sort of a double feature for you guys to look forward to after a case is done. As for Christmas, it was nice to be home again after leaving college for so long. I missed giving out stories to you guys though...:fluttercry:

*Edit* Fun fact, Tara Strong also voiced Joss

Yes! Great to see that equestria noir continues :) i was almost desperate enough to start reading the older cases for the third time already :DD

1954749First Tailspin turns out to be great and now Cross? I'm on a roll!

1955313Well like any tv show I hibernate for the winter but when I come back I'm kicking!

indeed you are my fellow...indeed you are

Huzzah! New case is out and starting out great!

And Private, you should be careful what you wish for you there... welcome to the life of fame :pinkiehappy:


I've been ill as well and I couldn't do the cover art :c
So his whole team was ill D:

1959016 Poor Jacob. At least he didn't get ill. I feel like my lungs are trying to escape. :pinkiesick:

1960267Wow, I didn't realize both of you were that bad..sorry for making you both work so much..:fluttershysad:

1960340 It's no problem. I am feeling a lot better now that I can breath. Just left with the sore throat and annoying body wracking cough now. Editing chapter 2 now. :pinkiehappy:

That wad indeed screaming you heard private...likely for good reasons. Keep up the great work!

Fan boy syndrome. Good touch. Great chapter and why do i have a feeling that the eye is tied into the element of tenacity?

... What? Okay then great job on these so far. I want the next chapter even more but i can wait

Oh dear! One of them must have banged their toe off something!...Yeah, that has to be it...

Comment posted by Eliyora deleted Jan 16th, 2013


I've been feeling better anyway, plus I've nothing better to do in my recovery time :pinkiehappy:

Does any one else think "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City" when Private's DNA spell was described?

Awesome. Ancient mystery with Private right in the middle. This is gonna be good

This is getting to be an interesting case, artefact theft and possible corporate and family corruption and secrets. Liking the new OC, Seeker, so far.

The Eye of Serenity is an artifact stolen from the Zebra. Wow, it's like Equestria is Great Britain. :facehoof:

It maybe just me, but I'm hearing Dennis from Far Cry 3 when Seeker speaks.

God, everything with Private's family has a mystery attached to it! Now it's going to be like Settler Ponies vs Buffalo again.

1979630 All we need now is him to point a knife at Private. "You have the right to take my life, but know I will also take yours."

shit, forgot to favourite:twilightoops:
I'M TWO CHAPTERS OUT OF DATE!!!!!:raritydespair:

i'm REALLY startin' to love cross as a character, though i'm intrigued as to what dat silver thing in his coat is >_>

also, dat ending:twilightsmile:

UP TO DATE!!!!!:yay:

sweet celestia, is there anything about the eye family that ISN'T mysterious?:twilightoops:

Isn't there something very similar to the Eye of Truth in the Phoenix Wright games?

Really enjoyed this chapter, looking forward to the next one. If you could refresh my memory, what does Private mean by "Appaloosa all over again"? All I remember was the skinned buffalo and Private being shot by the Sheriff. I don't remember a mass shooting.

1985317That was the aftermath of the shooting, Private is going to make a comment next chapter that now he's actually in the middle of it all. As for the eye, it's more based on the gossip stones from Legend of Zelda, but the comparison to the megatama stone wouldn't be too far fectched.

Interesting background on the Stone, and it is nice to see a bit of worldbuilding on the Zebras. Really enjoying Seeker's character so far and his interaction with Private.

little bit of zecora back story there....nice

shiz be getting curiouser and curiouser. and cross......there's something about him you're not telling us:trixieshiftright:
oh well...all in due time

Loving the Zebras and looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation

NNNNOOOO!!!!!! Anyway good twist here. Hopefully Lazy will loosen up and realize Private and Seeker are the right people for the job

Private...you should know by now that you and warehouses don't mix!

Cross: Private catches criminals and doesn't afraid of anything.

2003509don't you mean "isn't afraid"?

2003588 No. He doesn't afraid of anything, man! It's like more than isn't! Like 5eva is more than 4eva!

... A warehouse? Where he can call in a favor to Octavia and owe Grimwing and then WIN ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

Good chapter, really liked how you are building on Seeker and Cross' characters also liked the interaction between Cross and Private. Awaiting to see how this warehouse thing plays out.


really good chapter here. some action, a heartfelt convo between cross and private, a gritty interrogation, and just to top it off


nothing better happen to cross:twilightangry2:

I am finally caught up...

and it is GLORIOUS!

my guess of this is

1) :raritystarry:


or 3) :raritywink:

Private's gonna have to go up against his grandfather at some point... Hoo boy...

And looks like Rarity will be getting that apprentice afterall.

I get caught up with this series, and there's an update? As if today wasn't good enough already.

Also, interesting little rhyme from Zecora. I have a few ideas about what's going on there, but I'll keep them to myself for now.

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