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A visit to Trottingham quickly turns deadly when a murder occurs during the opening performance of Private's friend Moongale. Everypony is willing to blame the mysterious phantom for the murder but Private is otherwised convinced. With the help of Twilight, Rarity and Fancypants Private hopes to solve the mystery of the Phantom.

Not everything is as it appears.

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yay case 6 is out
im always glad to learn more about private

Excellent. Case 6. And it's in the theatre too. Don't know why, but that alone is getting me excited. I have anreally good feeling about this case.

1166759Sometimes the greatest mystery in any crime series is the detective himself. What do you think of Private as a character overall?

Im guessing this is going to be a crossover of Phantom of the Opera? It's always great to see more of Private's friends too! Moonglade seems interesting, especially when she says she seems to be contacted paranormally.

Now you wanted constructive criticism so...

"I was also reminded of the fact that mom gave up this life when she had me…I shook my head and moved to catch up with the rest of the group."
Shouldn't this be "I was also reminded of the fact that mom gave up this life when she had Tailspin..." if I remember correctly?

Also it's great to see more of you guys commenting!

1167881Private's mom gave up the life of an actress when she had Private. She wanted to raise him herself rather then hand him off to some maid. She spent most of her life after Private's birth being a flight school teacher.

1168057 Oh now I get it! I was thinking of when she gave up her literal life for Tailspin.

*Picks up the bass :fluttercry:

Hi seriously hope Moongale is the victim. Oh man the suspense is killing me:pinkiegasp:. This is chapter two and it's already living up to your other Equestria Noirs.

1173358Thank you very much, though the victim will be revealed in chapter 3

1173352*hands you a tissue* what got to you?

1174907I really couldn't have my case take place in the theater without referencing the greatest scene in RPG history

actully what also got me is that i haven't played that game yet but still one awsome song

Had to add this to favourites to track it, was expecting a PM:rainbowwild:

Anyway fantastic chapter, what is this play based off?

1175706The play is a mix of various plays, the last scene is based on the opera scene from Final Fantasy 6 or 3 if you got it for you snes. Sorry about forgetting to send you a pm. I'll be more diligent in the future :rainbowdetermined2:

1175716 I actually got my dad a SNES, so I might get those games

Just reread my comment.

"hope Moongale is the victim."

Meant "isn't."

Man, that is the worst typo ever.

1175891It's alright man everypony makes mistakes :twilightsmile:

Dun dun dun! Ah well at least Raustem's dead. Huzzah!:yay:

The phantom, is he a hero? Or is Moongale simply under a trance, or a delusion that he is the hero? So many questions, so many missing pieces to find... Can't wait for next chapter!

Ooh, can't wait for the next chapter! The thrilling conclusion between Private and the Phantom! Nice to see Fanycypants and Fleur are finally happy again.
Now unfortunately, I'm afraid I have to

DROP THE BASS:moustache:

“You’re obviously suffering from shock Moongale!” Raustem shouted “You can’t see how lucky you were to have got out of there alive!”

So, Raustem's back from the dead?

:pinkiegasp:Plot twist!
I did not see that one coming!
Im sort of seeing a Scooby Doo gang coming together

Private - Fred
Twilight - Daphne
Fleur - Velma
Fancypants - Shaggy
Spike - Scooby Doo
Rarity - Fainting person.

1198691I wasn't intending for the comparison but I can see it now I guess :twilightsheepish:

Epic Fancypants! Such a badass. Also good to see his relationship with Fleur turning out good. Can't seem to find any mistakes in this chapter, so no basses will be dropped.:fluttercry:

1200002Wait till you see the epilogue

Such a sad ending:raritycry:

Another brilliant case closed! I may not be commenting as much anymore cuz of school, but I'll try my best.

Private is gonna have to change his sign after this.

Detective Private Eye! Solving Crimes in the Blink of an Eye!
(Also Part Time Relationship Therapist)

1202867I might make a joke about that later on. Private has always fancied himself a romantic despite his own failings in the field.


1297753And the winner for discovering the reference for this case goes to...SOUR GRAPES!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::yay:

1168160 No i need you to drop it (insert Sporty-O Let me hit it here) YEAH! :trollestia: :facehoof:

Listening to Anthropology from Lyras part in a musical that is yet to be created and it also the orchestral version so i am listening in style and reading a good story at the same time

Hohoho. A secret love that shall be unsung till it is revealed

Quick give me a philosophical run down of the situation

Meh think i can see where this is going

And i was wrong. Good. thank you for showing me that i can still be surprised

Great ending to a great story

loved the 'Princess Bride' reference...

*Lowers glasses* Mother of the Goddess...

*explodes from awesomeness*

She didn’t seem crazy; she wasn’t twitching at the eyes or threatening to turn my intestines into cupcakes.

:pinkiesad2: :ajbemused:

Comment posted by Neutrinos are Magic deleted May 24th, 2013

Awesome callback to that violin thing.

I looked over at Rarity expecting her to be having trouble. But I was surprised to see she was flipping a stallion twice her size. She then turned and delivered a swift kick to another thug and dodged a blow from another stallion. She then grabbed the stallion with her front legs and flipped him over wrestler style so he slammed his head into a nearby wall.

:raritywink: Quite the catch, Spike

Fancy got up and glared at Roland. His blue eyes filled with a fury I’ve never seen before. “Quite a bit…” His magic wrapped around the sword on his waist and he unsheathed it. “You hurt my wife…I plan to return the favor…”

“Hello…my name is Fancypants von Trottanam…you hurt my wife…prepare to die…”

Hello cultured badass.

“This whole incident has given me a brilliant idea for another opera! One where prince was locked away in a shining castle but became a horrible beast and a young girl is to…wait that sounds like a novel I read once”

What you did there, I see it.

Also, dat sleep cute thing at the end.


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