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Private and Twilight are called to help out with a summit meeting between Princess Celestia and the monarchs of three other kingdoms. During the preparations a mysterious alicorn named Voidera returns after being sealed away for fifteen hundred years. Who is he? What does he want with Celestia? Why is it that the Prince of the Fire Kingdom has been found dead in his own room? Apparently killed by the very magic that Voidera wields?

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Alt. Title: Unfeatured 2: Among Alicorn Thieves

I'm sorry, I just saw "Among Alicorns" and that's the first thing that came to mind! I would have made a pun on L.A. Noire, but I think that's what you were going for.

First off, the cover art seems to be getting better. Or else it's just using different emotions from the ponies. Either way, top stuff.

I almost forgot about Cadence's pregnancy. Wasn't she supposed to be due around Case 13? Also, gotta love the hopeless romance of Ember.

Did the Voidera story continue? I only ever remember there being 1 chapter.

1776767it's fine, I just didn't expect that pun to come up.

1776781It didn't continue because there was never really any interest in the story. Cadence will give birth but I just need to figure out the right point in the story. Maybe she'll have it at the end of this case I don't know. You never know how an epilogue can go.

Eh, I do it for every fic in the featured box - but since it's MOVED to the front page, I also do fics that just went up and ones that were just updated. I'm covering all horizons!

Like most bronies, I tend to be prejudiced against Alicorn OCs, but I like how you're handling them here.

1778368The main problem with Alicorn OCs I think is that everypony treats them like unstoppable beings. It's something I am going to explore here, that although they are much stronger then the average pony they still have flaws and emotions like everypony else.

Very nice job slipping the exposition in through Twilight having herself being quizzed by Private. It can be hard to avoid the plain infodump (something I need to work on). :twilightsmile:

1776791 Something tells me from the Celestia's sad expressions, he's going to be used as a sacrificial lamb in these "dark times"

Also, I think RD would enjoy the Cloud Kingdom.

1781496Very much so, pretty much 90% of their inhabitants have Rainbow's personality :rainbowlaugh:

1781717 And the other 10% are boring or assholes.

Lion King reference I see.

And then there's Private: promises himself not to play "matchmaker" with everypony he sees.

Tries to get Luna and Ember together:facehoof:

Like how things are going, also refreshing to see the alicorn side of things more explored and being more...Emotional as it were.
Have seen two times that said Alicorns are viewed to be impossibly strong at times, yet they have their usual weaknesses just like any of the ponies themselves.
Anyway, enjoyed it once more...I tip my hat off to you.

1787380That's something that's going to be explored in this fic. The concept that some Alicorns buy into the whole "we're unstoppable gods" and some like Celestia and Luna, don't.

1787396 Good to hear! Definetly something i will keep an eye out for. Good luck with the writing.

"My Vulkyria "
This reminds me of my WoW days. This was the name of a WotLK mob, I believe.

I'm guessing the next side-story or the epilogue will be Private meeting Twilight's parents? And then Cadence goes into labour at the table, and everything goes wrong.

Aaand that ending was an extremely awkward moment to come into. I can imagine the guards ready to defend their princess, rushing in only to find...that.

Great chapter you two! Keep up the good work!

1787950The Vulkyia is a play on words mixing Valkyria and Vulcan which means fire. In actuality Private meeting Twilight's parents is the basis of Case 18's plot "Back to the Present" a parody of Back to the Future.

1787960 That case sounds like it's gonna be great then! I'm guessing it'll involve a return of the Doctor.

1787982Yep, very funny scenes in mind for the madpony in a box

1785430Some habits you just can't kill. He's a sucker for the hopeless romantic case.

ok.... that would be a major WTF? moment for private. amazing job dude! look forward to more!

1790147If you think it's a WTH moment for Private imagine what it's like for Twilight

a WTF and HS my mentor is making out with the motherbucker who hurt my brother what the hell is going on here???? kind of moment

I like how this goes...Raises an eyebrow at how his son died, though...You keep me curious. Wonder what will happen and how it will end.

Are we going to see a Voidera story separately, or will his origins be spread out throughout the Noir, or possibly a side story?

1793979 I do miss WotLK and early Cataclysm, there were some good moments. My guild fell apart halfway through Cata, and it kinda got boring, so I left. You?

1794745Voidera's story will be seperate. But I will drop hints and he will explain some of his back story. The tail I have in mind for Voidera was going to be a trilogy. The first part, Rise of Voidera having his origins and leading up to him and Celestia defeating Discord the first time and the discovery of the Elements. The second part, Wrath of Voidera was going to cover his life after that as well as how the three species of ponies came to be. As well as how the Alicorns ended up getting destroyed in the first place. You could consider this to be the third part in the trilogy.

1794767 So, will you continue the original Rise of Voidera (which was quite good) or make an entirely new one?

1794940I will continue it only if there is a large demand for it.

1794950 And if not, a new Rise of Voidera?

I must re-read it.

I only intended to hit him with an aesthetic spell to put him to sleep.

I suspect you meant anesthetic.

1794745 I quit my job and real life for 5 years to play WoW. I built my old guild up over a 3 year period. WoW is where I met my boyfriend. 9 months ago when I decided to rejoin real life and got a new job I wasn't playing very much anymore. My friend (who is a real life friend, not just a game one) asked for guild lead to fix up the ranks. (Which I had given him temporarily before with no problem) Then he wouldn't give it back. He said I could have it back when I started playing more, instead I quit. I played a couple time after mists but meh, I don't know. I just don't feel the same way about it anymore.

Why do I get the feeling that Ember isn't really dead... and those are two are in for some serious plot kicking when this all comes out...

1796022 Damn, that was some hardcore stuff. I joined WotLK at the start of patch 3.2. I have to say, leveling in the Orc starter zone for the first time was some of the best fun I've ever had in a game. I really wish I joined in the start though, would of loved to unlock the gates of An'Qiraj and face The Eye when he was impossible, or face the Emerald Dragons. Played questing in Cata, all fun until after Mount Hyjal, but the Twilight Hammer lands were okay. Never did a Cata raid, kinda god bored. Last raid our guild did was the LK for old times sake, back in 4.3. I almost got carried off by a Valkyria.

I tried SWTOR but found it incredibly boring. I don't know why, I think it was the whole "Mass Effect Choice System" in a multiplayer MMO. It was essentially a singleplayer game with a subscription and other players to hinder your questing/grinding.

As for now, I'm addicted to Civilization V. It's a really fun game, I got a few MLP mods off the Steam Workshop, playing as a Viking in one game, and Luna in another.

Also, fun fact, the first MMO I ever played was Disney's Toontown. That was a really fun game.

Viking ponies. I love it :)

Keep up the good work, this had the potential to be the best case yet!

Something tells me The Cloud Kingdom would fit in just right in Jersey Shore.

I hope they don't have to seduce Titania, or tie her up :fluttershyouch:

1803985 lol better keep psycho me in his cage

I admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first heard you would be introducing a bunch of alicorn OCs into this case. Just goes to show how much I know! You write interesting, well-characterized OCs, so you make it work. This story is quickly becoming one of my favorite of the series!

1805087I was a little worried myself when I started coming up with this case. Introducing alicorn oc's is always a problem because nopony thinks to give them flaws or things to make them interesting. Just because they have a great amount of power does not make them invincible or lack flaws. That's something we are exploring in this case.

1804647 Don't worry, like I said, he's guarded with lazors. Come to think of it, I haven't fed him since I put him in the cage after he tried to drug you, which was 1 or 2 months ago. Wait, does he even need food?


Ah, thank you.

Hmmm, I wonder what Voidera is thinking?

1805419 Just toss him the occasional kitty, he'll be fine.

A pox upon thee and thy cliffhangers, says I!

Seriously though, enjoying this immensely :rainbowderp:

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