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Sincerest Apologies · 12:06am October 28th

Hey all,

I think I'm finally caught up on responding to everyone who has posted to my page, commented on my stories or mailed me with comments, questions and so forth. Sorry this has taken so long and I really have no excuse for it, but thank you for your patience with me!

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I did. It was awesome!

Thank you for adding According to Plan! to your bookshelf. We hope you like it.

-Coco the Bearded :twilightsmile:

No worries mate! I haven't even been working on it for a while (trying to rank in League of Legends before the season ends), so just enjoy it at your own pace despite some of its more ... questionable -- potentially nonsensical -- moments. Oh, and thanks for checking it out nonetheless!

Alright then. Take your time when you want to read it.

You're welcome. It was just a really well done piece of fanfiction that showed a side of both Celestia and Sunset you don't normally get to see in a way that isn't usually presented. Great job.

  • Viewing 424 - 428 of 428
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