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This group is dedicated to showcasing stories about those stalwart defenders of Equestria's borders, its populace, and its VIP seating. Tales of humor, of drama, of ill-fitting armor—if it's about the Royal Guard, it is welcome.

There are no restrictions for submission, save that the story feature guardsponies.

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I added one of my stories here, (A WIP as of now) enjoy! ^_^

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Sargent Nightwind of Germany at your service

Staff Sergeant Straight Edge of the Lunar Guard, reporting for duty.

hello everyone,
i added Back from the North howere it is a story about a Nightwatch (Luna's version of the Royal Guard), but there are also some aperances by the real white and blue ponies of the Royal Guard.

Hey there everyone. I just added "The Dusk Guard: Rise" to the group. Here's the synopsis:

The Royal Guard. The Night Guard. Both are organizations known to every citizen of Equestria. So when former bodyguard Steel Song is called out of retirement by Princess Luna in the wake of the Changeling Invasion, he expects to spend a week or two giving the Guard advice, perhaps teaching some of their individual members some one-on-one techniques. Not to be offered the position of Captain over an elite division of ponies gathered from across Equestria.

But when a series of mysterious thefts on the Equestrian Rail Line culminates in the injury of a conductor, Steel finds his new division must rise to their intended purpose much quicker than expected--against an unexpected foe with the means to shift the balance of power in Equestria forever.

The Dusk Guard: Rise is a complete novel of approximately 260,000 words. Updated Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Someone added my story here.

And it wasn't me.


Srsly people, at least be courteous and ask.

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