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Literally, Reckless. Ponies give this sorrel mare purpose. Be kind. Be happy. Be a good pony. 🐎 1948 - 2024


Shallow Earth · 9:03pm June 14th

This has really felt like a hopeless year. At the last minute, though, I fought to turn things around.

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The O(ddly)rganized Blog Post · 1:02pm Jul 17th, 2017

This is my repository of blog posts, organized for ease of access and reading pleasure:
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Reckless writes about friendship, and the bonds only ponies can make.

Stories genuine and honest: Friendship is magic.

Excerpts from Reckless’ Greatest Hits

”There is no healing magic. And there is no way to put an end to war. But we have ways of restoration. We can fix what we break, make up for our wrongs, even if it takes a long, long time. We can make peace, and make it last. We can learn and adopt new approaches, even if it means trying options many would consider... wrong. So long as we are creating, so long as we are attempting to better the lives of others, and finding success in even the smallest ways... that’s what should matter. That’s what we can do... with friends. That’s what life should be.”

Rainbow looked down at the little orange filly. It seemed hard to think of before, but the more she thought about it, the more she saw a bit of herself in her. Maybe they hadn’t taken the same approach to the Vulture’s Cove, but they’d both gone in, and found something that gave their life a bit of pursuit.

And what better pursuit was there than being your absolute best?

“And so I hope—I really hope, and always will hope—if we keep close, our worlds will intertwine, we’ll realize our dreams, and we won’t ever fear living a purposeless life alone.”

Fresh From the Frontlines

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I’m also a bit busy but yeah.

I’m okay. Working.

How are you?

I really doubt Reckless will ever gain enough traction to warrant a group, but here’s the fics I know have Reckless (beside my own):
Awesome Police Do Equestria by Rob
A Reckless Mare by Tango
A Sorrel Mare by Norris

Where can I find all stories that include Reckless?

This is my first time getting this question, and I am all for it. No, I was a dependent in Japan for a total of 13 years. Since you’re curious, I’ll throw this in as a bonus: I grew up on military bases, and I’m happy to be a milbrat: what I know works really well for writing ponies. Specifically, I know what it’s like to be in a foreign land that you’ll never truly be a part of: Japan’s exceptionally good at that kind of culture shock.
And not to shill my work or anything, but I’ve actually explicitly intertwined some of that in a story I wrote: A Rainbow Over Station 9. I have a couple of other WIPs melding some military history with my own, and all of them have to do with a certain mare. The only serving for the military I do is keeping Reckless’ name alive.

I'm curious, did you serve in the military?

Hope you're having a safe and wonderful year so far, awesome possum ;3

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“I think it matters what you stand for, and how hard you fight for it. If we all weigh our accomplishments against eachother, we’ll just get discouraged because we’re not all the same. That sorta thinking is how you make a flightless pegasus feel like she doesn’t matter at all, and she never will.”
- Synthetic Bottled Sunlight, Déja Vu (XV), by NorrisThePony