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Ten hut. Welcome to the Royal Guard ladies. This is a place where if you have something to say about the mares and stallions that give their lives protecting this land heres the place to do it.


Listen up. If you've got a story to post, put it in our folders. But ladies, we only accept stories about the Royal Guard! This ain't a dumping ground for HiE fics! (We do accept it if it has a member of the Royal Guard though.) Post other people's stories with their permission! Now, go find some!

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Daily Life

Have fun. Maggots. And if I see one clopfic here, you better pray to Celestia for mercy.

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Uh...I added a WIP story that I plan to have a chapter (just one, it will be a long story) of censored sex. Should I remove it?

Does the depiction of the Royal Guard have to be positive for the story to be allowed to be posted here?

As a soon to be "royal guard" for the the American Department of Corrections, this group seems rather fitting.

*Puffs out chest* :rainbowdetermined2:

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Comment posted by Angieheart deleted Nov 21st, 2013

319233:twilightsheepish: ah ha, I kinda answered my own question since then... but if I have any future questions I know where to go.

319226 yes yes it is. At ease soldier. You have threads to post.

319204 Snaps to attention No apologies needed sir! Europe is an amazing place!"

316236 yes recruit, you can. My apologies for the late response I've been in Europe.

Sir, permission to post thread(s)!?
can we post threads? (about the guard of course)

By the way, Welcome recruit. *salute* you will do your country proud.

306821 oh thanks... This is embarrassing

I think you meant bound than bond....

I now promot you to Lutinet (Admin), do not fail me solider. *salutes* Now go find more recruits.

306745 define some person.

You should totes let me be some person in this group. :pinkiehappy:

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