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Chapter 14 Status. · 4:42am Dec 21st, 2013

Chapter 14 is done, or at least the first draft of it is. Truthfully, the draft has been sitting in my Dropbox for a fair spell while I've been submitting myself to the harrowing horror that is working on a grant proposal. Anyways, the chapter should be out soon, hopefully. I just need to get a couple sets of eyes on it to tell me how wretched it is and that I should rewrite the whole thing.

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Hey Sage, I realize that you've probably left the fandom, and might never even come back to see this, but I just wanted to say I appreciated your writing. Good luck where ever you are today!

Come back!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!:pinkiehappy:

This account might be dead, but it was great while it lasted!

1894121 idk about the sequel as again, I dropped from the horse fandom, but I will say that even with its faults, DB was far more engaging than Sage's last story, even if after they left the earth pony kingdom it began to feel unnecessarily padded.

But still, critiquing that one won't change the fact that FCwL was an unnecessarily long, badly paced, and insipidly written story, its biggest sin in my eyes being Siofria, the breakthrough character, getting basically thrown under the bus so our molasses of personality trio could continue with their bland ride of the spotlight.

1893818 It's a travelogue. A style that's been around for thousands of years.

If it's not a style you like, that's one thing.

To say it's bad because you don't like the style is ingenuous.

I could also point to "Dangerous Business" as a perfect example of a plot that wandered horribly, introduced numerous plot threads which were abandoned (monster in cave, World Serpent, just to name two VERY significant ones) then solved the plot conflict with a joke... "Lol, I had the plant in my garden all along! Ha ha!"

It was then followed by a ludicrously dark sequel which again relied on no one thinking ahead... something even the canon NMM episodes avoided to a minor degree, albeit via a method which relied on unrealistically abundant luck and NMM not just killing them all (Celestia at least knew NMM was returning and sent Twi to make friends... Twi then finding out about the Elements and where to find them was, of course, terribly contrived and could only happen in a little kid's show).

But the point is, a SERIOUS story cannot rely on the same devices as a child-level cartoon and expect to retain credulity.

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