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Mane 6 Pets

I enjoy reading about the pets of MLP: FIM.

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You’re welcome. It was a lovely story!

Hey, Mane! Thanks for adding Bailout to your Favorites bookshelf. You know that I've always appreciate your support.:twilightsmile:

Y'know, Arad is how I found VikingZX as well. I read the Dusk Guard: Rise so I'd have context for Fortitude Amicita. Small world, eh?

That's not a bad way to find reading material, especially since the feature box tends to be populated by Flavor of the Month memefics or stories with clickbait titles and descriptions. :ajbemused: I did manage to break into the update section of the box with my most recent chapter of Desert Spice, though, and that was a pretty cool feeling. If I ever find myself low on reading material, I think I'll try reading what my favorite authors read next. Given the state of my RIL bin, though, that may be a while. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed Tastes Like Heresy. One of my favorite things to hear as an author is, "I don't usually like X, but..." Another favorite of mine is "Strange, but I like it!" It's an odd point of pride for me when I can get those reactions just by being myself. :derpytongue2:

I hope you enjoy Monster Hunter: Equestria and Desert Spice as well. Desert Spice will be the next story I update, actually, now that I've got it plotted out to the end.

I like to go through the bookshelves/Favorites folder of the authors that I follow on this site, since I figure a good writer should probably know what a good story looks like. It's a good way to find some good stories (sometimes I wonder about that Featured Box). I saw that Viking ZX had added had added your Monster Hunter MLP story to his bookshelf, so I figured that I'd give Tastes Like Heresy a try.
I was happy to find that it was quite a enjoyable story. It's not often that I find a story about cooking so fun to read. :pinkiesmile:
(Note: I found Viking ZX though Arad and I found you through Viking Zx. For some reason, I find that kind of interesting)
Oh, almost forgot, great job in the Dusk Guard art contest!:pinkiehappy: (I wish I could draw)

Thanks for the fave of Tastes Like Heresy! I hope you enjoy(ed) it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

How'd you come across it, anyhow?

Thanks for the favs!

Even more of my stories find there way onto your bookshelf. I'm actually sad to think that you've read nearly all of my stuff now, Pets.:twilightblush:

I'm glad that you enjoyed all of those callbacks, as Zenith is/was meant to stand on all of them. I wish that I had more of the work done, as the main antagonist of season five appears to be the same one I had intended to use in the story. Now I'll have to sit how the canon affects this once again. I'm glad that you're sticking with the piece!:twilightsmile:

Zenith was a great read. I loved how you used your past stories to strengthen this story, having Donut Joe give Spike the advice Twilight told him in Cup of Joe, Spike's desire to protect Twilight as shown in The Talk, and Spike's inner fear of becoming a monster as shown in To Change a Heart. I hope that you'll be able to start up work on Zenith again soon. I was kinda disappointed to see that it was on hiatus, but on the bright side, it's not cancelled, and that means there's still a chance for this story to become your best story yet. :pinkiehappy:
(Almost forgot to mention that I loved Artificr Call and Reference Desk. Reference Desk truly is frightening:rainbowlaugh:)

  • Viewing 40 - 49 of 49
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