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We are the legion of light and fluffiness! We plan to bring Equestria onto its back and then rub its fluffy, exposed underbelly.

We've got plenty of light here, so come on in, post fluffy, cute, or adorable pictures, add whatever cute, adorable, or otherwise fluffy stories you want, and make yourself at home!

You can talk about whatever you want, as long everyone acts nicely, and you aren't discussing things that aren't light and fluffy.

Applicants to be contributors or admins will be evaluated on the basis of adorableness, cuteness, and fluffiness, though experience and nepotism will also be considered.

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FLUFFY, SNUGGLY. *lightheaded* Cuteness...overload...losing...consciousness...ahh... *faints*

I'm the Backrub moderator around these parts, also known as The Official Group Provider Of Backrubs And Lemony Goodness.
I'm going to hug each and every one of you.

This is a wonderful idea for a group, Sweetie Belle. This counts as extra credit.


Much better! You think Spike could teach Twilight how to dance?

--Sweetie Belle

377838 I wish it did have Spike in the picture. I didn't make it but I woulds have chosen to do so because of the cuteness of his dance as well! :heart:


There, found it!


Also have a picture of you and your fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders as a cute bonus. :twilightsmile:


Haven't been blogging much, but I drop in the comments places occasionally, an' still have a bunch of groups I run an' stuff.

Of course, there aren't all those rp groups for me to play with now. Knightstone Village ground to a halt, too, though it's still kinda there.

Shutter gave me a sketch earlier this week that I'm coloring, tho'...

--Sweetie Belle

I know, I'm just surprised to see you up and about after so long :twilightsmile:


Well, it does say at the top... :unsuresweetie:

Of course I do! But you cut Spike dancing out of the picture! :moustache:

That was fun, too. Why doesn't anypony write me dancing with Spike some more?

--Sweetie Belle

well well well... What's this? :pinkiesmile:


I think so, too! :twilightsmile:


I guess your dog does kinda look like Kimba the white lion. That Kimba looks cute, too...

--Sweetie Belle


Alright, well, if any of you do like cute things and want to stay in the group, you can as long as none of the rest of you start hassling anypony or trolling.

If one of you starts making trouble, I might hafta ban the whole account, tho', since you're all under the same id...

--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 26 - 45 of 45