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Working for the boss was one of the easiest jobs going. Gargoyles didn't need to eat or drink, and, most of the time, he just sat and brooded quietly. But every so often, like every villain, he felt he had to justify his villainy with some grand scheme to conquer or destroy. After all, that's what evil villains were supposed to do wasn't it? But evil villains were also supposed to be defeated, and that wasn't conducive to long-term employment. And sometimes—the last time the boss had planned to conquer the diamond dogs for instance—Rogi had to work very hard indeed. Luckily though, tonight he'd picked Equestria again.

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My first First Comment!:pinkiehappy: This was a really funny story! As always, you wrote a great story. Good job on Rogi's characterization.:pinkiesmile:

That was fantastic. I loved the idea of gargoyle's in Equestria and especially running into the problem of a sun wielding Alicorn ruining any possible attacks by said gargoyle's.

There were so many excellent lines and characterizations here. This one made me laugh the hardest:

No. Just like 'Count' didn't last month, or the month before that when you tried to combine 'Dralthor the Bloody,' and 'Dralthor the Terrible,' and became 'Dralthor the Bloody Terrible.'

My only complaint was that it was difficult to picture what Rogi looked like. It took until the line about the beak to make the connection that he's most likely a griffon. But then lines like "cold dead hands" as opposed to talons made me wonder about my assumption.

She asked me if I liked the punch. Therefore, she is my nemesis!


This story was wonderfully strange.

Rogi is without peer.

Dralthor is a little slow, but hey ...he spends most his time stoned.

I'd imagine his trade with other nations is based on whatever mineral deposits the Kingdom of Stone possesses, so selling him booze is probably contributing to the delinquency of a miner.

OK, I'll stop now. :pinkiecrazy:

I had that same issue. I think he's some sort of harpy thing. Judging from his speech at the end, he was presumably one of the weird one-of-a-kind beings the Elements (or something like them) have defeated, so he might follow the supervillain rule of being inexplicably unique.

Okay, that was both charming and hilarious. I didn't know what to expect going in... which, unfortunately, might account for the lack of attention it's gotten. Maybe a "comedy" tag would lure more people in? Either way, I enjoyed it immensely.

I thought this story was great and funny, and I cannot understand why it has gotten so little attention. This saddens me greatly.

Does no one understand that 'bemused' does not have anything to do with amusement? It means to be confused, to be in a state of deep musing. :trixieshiftleft:

That being said, good show. :pinkiehappy:

quite entertaining. I facepalmed multiple times.

This was pretty great. And also really hilarious.

My one complaint is that I couldn't get that clear of a picture of what Rogi looked like.

If it helps, I think the coverart is probably a picture of Rogi & 'Dralthor the Bloody Terrible.
But you probably already knew that.

tried to combine 'Dralthor the Bloody,' and 'Dralthor the Terrible,' and became 'Dralthor the Bloody Terrible.'

:rainbowlaugh: Best line I've read all week. (And I feel fairly safe in making that proclamation on Sunday evening.)

Lord Dralthor : wiser villain of Equestria ever.

I think I'm quite a fan of igo... I mean... Rogi trying some villainy for himself. Good work. Fun reading.

This was brilliant and beautiful:pinkiehappy:

Seattle's Angels sent me here, and this story definitely earned the recommendation. I was expecting a comedy about an incompetent Evil Overlord. You delivered on that front, but I absolutely was not expecting the story to be so thoughtful. I love it.

Intriguing. Definitely worth the read. It does, however, raise a few questions…

Given the dynamic between Rogi and Dralthor, it is clear that some form of this talking-down from sinister plans is likely to have occurred before. The Acme Rainbow of Darkness notwithstanding, there is little to suggest that this plan is overly unique in its ambition, however it pushes it further than most. This being the case, I cannot help but wonder how many times this argument has been re-read by these selfsame characters. This is further supported by Rogi's supposed aims of stopping others from their blind evilness, but then suggests that he is doing a somewhat poor job in reaching its logical conclusion of making the change in perspective stick for poor Dralthor. Similarly, I cannot help but wonder what Rogi's story is, from the hints provided.

While the arc doesn't really go anywhere particular, the story was fun and well-built. If Dralthor were brighter (and Rogi still intent), he/they might compile the Evil Overlord List on their own and be dangerously genre-savvy when they finally decide to do something.

"Now what?" is one of the more terrifying questions in existence. Is it any wonder that so few villains dare consider it?

An excellent tale of a foolish innocent and his heroic minder. Thank you for it.

I'm impressed. What we have here is a well-crafted story structure that rises, as both a logical debate and a slightly suspenseful exploration of the character's actions, to a sweet yet amusing punchline. Add in two villainous yet identifiable and sympathetic characters, and a critical analysis of the futility of supervillain schemes mixed with "child's minder" subtext, and we've got a winner.

Bravo, 8686! An excellent and entertaining tale. You get a like, a fave, and a follow from me. :scootangel:

"Acme: Great products. In theory."

It is easy to destroy a country with evil. But to rule one with evil and keep it thriving...

Case in point: Venezuela

Yes, it's a cheap shot. But it's the only shot I can still afford after Bronycon!

Am I the only one getting the impression that Rogi used to rule this land and is the reason it is a wasteland? That perhaps this is some sort of penance for him?

Wonderful to see more of this, and some fantastic fleshing out for both characters. Excellent work with the princesses as well. I wasn't expecting to see more of Dralthor and Rogi, but I'm very glad that I did. And I really would love to see the former meet Maud. Thank you for this.

From an one shot comedy to a heartwarming one with a reflexion about the true nature of Evil. Bravo.

Very cute. You get a fav.

A fine addition to the story.

That was a lovely sequel. Though I'm a bit disappointed that I can't call this "my favorite story under 10.000 words" anymore.

This was kind of cute. A bit melodramatic at times, but still fun.

The sisters looked by turns surprised, then confused. At length Luna sat back in her seat, folded her forelegs and gazed at Dralthor with a nonplussed, thoroughly unimpressed expression. “You fiend.”


I had no idea you'd updated this story. Glad I stumbled across it. Just as humorous as the last chapter, though what really stuck out to me was the way that Rogi describes true villainy. How many tyrants and monsters have risen to power in the name of doing 'good' and bringing 'harmony?' How many have convinced people to renounce freedom in the name of security? The last century saw more than its fair share. It's always refreshing to see that be portrayed as the most terrifying of villains. For, in truth, the seduction of a villain who appeals good is far more dangerous than an obvious evil. Rogi's warning is chillingly put.

The dynamic between Rogi and Celestia is on-point, Luna is delightful, and Dralthor brings a smile to my face. You knocked it out of the park!

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