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The Borderworld is a shared universe in which most of the stories of DannyJ are set. They may all be read separately, but can also be enjoyed as parts of a larger vision of the FiM universe. For those interested, be sure to also read the various worldbuilding essays and supplementary stories available on the forum.

Now with a TV Tropes page (currently under construction).

Banner is edited from show screenshots and the IDW comics with Paint.Net and uses the Scream Again font. Icon is edited from a vector provided by C-H-Loboguerrero-C.

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Almost left out of my 'press join' reflex, whew

Love that it's all still in motion


Cool. Thanks.
Congratulations! This group is being listed in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group proved itself with its freshness, scoring itself a spot in the Groups of New.

Forums are open if anyone wants to use them for whatever.

I'm sure that this can only end well.

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