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What is the Borderworld?

The Borderworld is the shared fictional universe in which most of the stories of DannyJ are set. Most Borderworld stories can be read and enjoyed separately, but may also be experienced as parts of a larger vision of the FiM universe. For those interested, the forum also contains numerous essays and supplementary stories expanding on the background lore of the world.

Is there a reading order or main story for the world? Where should I start?

There is no "main story" per se, and most Borderworld stories are not directly connected. They are set in many different times and places, feature many different characters, and even cover many different genres, though of course there are recurring elements. There is a thread detailing the chronological order in which the stories are set, and chronologically later stories may occasionally reveal details from earlier ones, but there is no strict reading order. Generally speaking, as a reader, you can jump in almost anywhere, depending on what interests you the most, and proceed from there.

Is the Borderworld an alternate universe?

The Borderworld was originally intended to be canon compliant, incorporating the show, Equestria Girls, the comics, and other expanded universe material such as Journal of the Two Sisters.

However, season seven onwards was largely incompatible with the majority of the expanded universe to that point, and so the Borderworld cuts off from canon after season six, becoming its own AU. Most Borderworld stories aren't tagged AU, as they generally don't explicitly contradict canon within the actual text, but the world as a whole is heavily grounded in pre-season seven lore. Some elements from later seasons of the show or later canon in general are still cherry-picked and added in (such as Rainbow Dash's parents, for example). But for the most part, the Borderworld should be treated as its own AU, like any old fanfic that gets contradicted by later canon.

Can I write a story in the Borderworld?

If you want, yes. No qualifiers, no permission necessary. Derivative works likely will not be taken as canonical to the Borderworld, but the setting, characters, and concepts in general are all free to use. Fanfiction is built on the free sharing of ideas, and of course that applies here as well. Though, if you do, it would be be appreciated if prospective authors could please add their stories to the group folder.

Who did the group banner?

Banner is edited from show screenshots and the IDW comics with Paint.Net and uses the Scream Again font. Icon is edited from a vector provided by C-H-Loboguerrero-C.

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