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No Problem! Love your writing style, currently re-experiencing it in its audio form right now, and realized I had forgotten to favorite it!

Hope you are doing well, and regardless of whether you finish it or not, (though I really hope you do) I want to say thank you for writing as much as you did, as it is a very enjoyable read, and currently one of my favourite stories on here in terms of the story and good/well written/interesting takes on the original characters.

Wish you the best, in this and your future projects!

Ah thanks for the tip! I will let you know my favorite part once I have finished it (currently listening to the audio version right now... love the dynamic audio btw).

As for how I found it, I am a big fan of the whole putting characters in different environments and seeing how they evolve concept, and while searching for such stories, I happened to read the description of To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies and had to immediately add it to my "Read Later" List.

Thanks for adding To Cure Insanity Please Insert Ponies to your favorites. What was your favorite part?
Just curious, how did you find the story? I'm asking because I see you favorited Twilight's World and while grouchopony is the author, I'm the one reading it (or should I say No One reading it).
Also, if you want to reply to someone's comment hit the little double skip button on the top right of their comment. Don't feel bad if you forget to, we all do every now and then.

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