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Just as the name says, this is for the story's were the inhabitants of Equestria end up in ether our world or an altered version of it. Or what ever you choose.

Please no deconstructive criticism. This is fimfiction, treat each other like you would a sister or a brother. And please read the rules. You can find the rules here. https://www.fimfiction.net/group/212180/equestria-meets-earth/thread/312232/the-rules

Happy writing. ^^

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Abusing the dislike system and disliking all my comments won’t help you

Then you really should’ve fuckin stayed off the internet.

FYI. I'm not trying to be rude, but please don't cuss. I'm very sensitive.

Congratulations. Thanks to FIMfiction, you can now have all your dreams come thru and disable ratings.


:rainbowdetermined2:Count me in!

Nice group.
I'll hang around.

Thanks for letting me be here. Also if you need anything let me know. ^^


Its all right and thank you. Glad to have you here. ^^

Thanks for the link, but it will show in my feed. I did join this wonderful group after all. ^^

What exactly are the rules for this group?
Just to get the ball rolling.

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