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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


I'm done · 8:50am Apr 18th, 2018

I'm quitting written. I've lost the love for it, and the desire to care. Thank you all, but this is goodbye. As for my story's a good friend of mine has volunteered to take them. He's name is PersonaGodzilla. He will continue my story's on his account, I'll leave a link down below.

Thank you all for the time you spent reading my little wish fulfilments, and hope you have a nice day.


Report Lockgate · 335 views · #The End

Notes to keep in mind.

Most of my story's tend to have rocky starts. So I sagest you wait for chapter two or three, they I can say will be better. And if not, I'll rewrite them once my skills have improved a bit. Even so constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Thank you for reading. ^^

A little about me

I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing. I pride myself in my ability to write in any genres with only a few preferences like adventure, supernatural and sci-fi. I love to play games, especially RPGs like dragon age and final fantasy, but what I really look for in games in games is a solid and original plot, with very few exceptions. I love to communicate with anyone, however I can easily find myself stuttering and unable to come up with something to say, but I won't let that stop me from running my mouth, I just hope my brain can keep up. I love to sketch when I have the time, I'm shit in every since of the word, but I'll keep on keeping up!

Oh and I also have a fan fiction account of the same name. So please take a look at the story's I have their will you. Thank you.

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I have no idea what you responded with..

Comment posted by PersonaGodzilla deleted Apr 18th, 2018

Don't you think you're being overlydramatic?

Oooh, that's fantastic then. The former reason at least, makes me giddy.


I've got two reasons actually. I read your story "Wrath of a harbinger" and I liked that a lot, but the main reason is because your just as insane as I am. ^^

Thanks for the watch! Now I can tell time!
May I ask what I did to earn it?

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