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I am a huge gamer but I love to socialize with a love for sketching and an ambition for writing.


I was once a normal bloke with dreams and hopes. Now I'm stuck in a world where the people, yes I do mean 'people', think that I'm a demon. However not only am I the most feared being on the planet but I'm also their only hope against a enemy that only I can see, and to make matters worse, I have no idea what my powers are. I hate my life, I really do.

Hay everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my first fim fic EVER. It is a Dicplaced fic but I will do my best so you can enjoy a story both entertaining and one that separate's itself from the clichés of displaced fic's and one of, moderately, good quality. Thank you and enjoy!

Warning! Their will be crud, dark and blue jokes in this story! Not to a huge degree but I felt I should say something

This story is crossevered with the following franchises.

Nightmare on elm Street.

Friday the thirteenth.


Dead space.

And Jurassic world.

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Can you at least please list what your story is crossover-ing as. Would help readers to get interested.

Thanks mate I completely forgot that, #Chuckle's nervously # anyway other then that little cock up I'd like to ask you how do you like the story, what could I improve on, any piece even little bit of criticism would be a great Help. And thank you for giving my story a look and being my very first commenter.

Instead of just saying to fix the grammar mistakes on the front, i'll point them out.
First the title, is it meant to be a pun by using tail instead of tale?
decplaced - Displaced
digre - degree

7552074 A agree but a title like that works pretty well, too

Actually I spelled it tail instead of tale because I couldn't remember how to spell it :twilightsheepish:

good job this is the only displaced fic i can stand to read and want to continue

Well my friend you won't be disappointed with what I have in store for this.

"Dic-placed". Good typo.

7565018 for posting chapters I suggest once a week and when you reach like goals you can add the next chapter.

most vet readers want at least 5k words ,so I'd aim for 6k

let your self get ahead in writting. At minmum be 2 chapters ahead of the readers. Always be ready for us to reach your like goals.


Way ahead of you their mate I'm seven chapters ahead. And about the like goals this story is more for me to be criticised so I can make better chapters and story's, I don't care if this story only gets a 100 likes, admittedly I'd be sad, but I hope that I just do a good job and work on my weaknesses.

PS. I have a bit of a problem with missing or miss understooding points so tell me if I misunderstood what you meant.

I would recommend either reviewing the story again, or find a person to help you out, because I find that a couple of the words in the story are misspelled, just saying...

Question, how can a joke be a color?

I have no idea what you mean :rainbowhuh:

Is this story dead?

Nope. Just haven't gotten around finishing the next chapter yet. Can't give ya a time frame but it should be coming soon.

Ok, thanks.
The only reason I asked was because the last chapter was I 2016, so I was kinda worried cuz this story is very good. Well have a good day.

Lol, don't worry mate. This was my first published fic, theirs no way I'll let it die.

Yeah, the only reason I even asked was because I let my first published story die, it was a descent concept but it was bad in how I wrote it, and I was hoping that you didn't do what I did with your good story.

Noooo the story has 1 chapter that is 2 years old.
I've got a better record than that

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