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A lone vampire bat sneaks through the mirror portal and ends up in the human world. Instead of apples, it now craves something far richer. And unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer, she's its next snack.

Sunset can't remember any of her activities past sundown. The light hurts not just her eyes, but burns her skin. And she's thirsty.

So very thirsty.

It's up to the Rainbooms to save Sunset from herself before she drinks the whole city dry. Too bad Twilight Sparkle is her primary target.

Thanks to Saro0fd3monz for the inspiration!

Edited by DrakeyC and HenryAnthonyCourtler

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>Sunlight story by The Albinocorn

Awww yesss :heart:

Meat Loaf can't stop, won't stop.

I love vampires....usually. I love Sunset....always. New Twilight? Much love! Together by albinocorn? .........:pinkiegasp:

Off to a promising start, no doubt. And having read some of your other stuff, I'll be looking forward to more. Sunset's crush on Twilight feels a bit rushed this far, but I guess I'll have to see how it develops. There's one other thing I'd like to point out:

This glanced at Sunset, then started to laugh.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, but it doesn't sound right...whatever it is.

And of course, there's this one little phrase. I think I'll be using from now on, whenever I get the opportunity:

Just remember, college doesn’t start with a D.

Because you know what does start with a D? Damn.:rainbowlaugh:

My statement about the promising concept still stands after this chapter. Although I do have my doubts, especially about the pacing, which still seems a bit rushed. I suppose this story won't be as long and complex as Sunset of Time or Long Road to Friendship are?

In any case, I'll keep an eye on this one. Just have to wait and see how it continues.

oooh this looks interesting, and judging by your track record this should be a very interesting read.

I dont know what OP think he is doing, but he need to finish LRTF before starting another Sunlight

Its like eating Diner while still having breakfeast in the plate....

Also, vampire and Twilight and Sparkle all in the same story +1 sin

oh goodness, so beautiful, best character, more fantasy stuff, written by Albinocorn and a nice cold day in the computer room with a huge flannel to warm up in before going to see a movie with a friend. Perfection. This has perfected the last tidbits of my day.


Yay, new Albinocorn story! Um, vampire Sunlight story? Well, this should be interesting. Still, nice to see a post-FG story from you already.

6495297 As much as I'd love to see LRTF finished soon...I can't find it in me to be unhappy about Albinocorn starting another SunLight fic :twilightsheepish:

I'm liking this so far. Just in time for the month of Halloween! :pinkiehappy:

A story about SunLight and vampires, made by none other than the great Albinocorn? Well this is going to be awesome!

Have even read it yet.

This looks fun! Hope to see more soon.:derpytongue2:

After the last chapter I was going to put this in Tracking. Then I read this one and immediately switched to Favorites. :rainbowlaugh:

Aside from the half-eaten bowl of ramen next to the sink,

Instantly thought of Filthy Frank

Awesome, looking forward to more.

I usually wait until more chapters are posted to start reading a story, but I'm foregoing my rules. I like this story, lovey, well-written, with a bit of darkness to it. I'll follow.

6495269 Indeed. There's only nine chapters to this. Making a believable crush in only a few chapters is... a challenge. I'm very use to slow-burning things.

6495297 OP does what he wants!
He also feels bad about LRtF and will provide a proper explanation at a later date.

Well obviously I HAVE to read this.

Sunset is quite subtle when she needs to be, and Science Twilight will eventually come to understand how the group's dynamic works. I'm liking where this is going so far especially the various emotions Sunset is going through after the incident.

Dang it! You beat me to it! I wanted to write a vampset story! :raritydespair:

OP is becoming self concious
OP is starting to rebel against his follower

OP is sorry ab.....

Oh fuck please dont tell me you are gonna stop it like that...
Oh please fuck no

I need my dose OP please dont do this

:ajbemused: "Can ah please get these lowdown varmint bats the buck offa mah farm now, Fluttershy!?"

She's fine...for now!!! Mwahahahaha!:pinkiecrazy:

Great chapter! Loved this!

This had to be my favorite part:

Twilight rested a hand on what she thought was Sunset’s shoulder. “Please, Sunset, we’re just concerned. We don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Sunset fidgeted. “Ahem, I appreciate that—I really do. But I’ll be fine… also, Twi… that’s my boob.”


Also, oh dear....what'll happen next?! UPDATE!!!

Uh-oh. That's not good. I can't wait to read more.

*crosses fingers for Sunset to turn into an EQG version of blade by the end*.....I miss the old blade comics :ajsleepy:

Well things are certainly going to escalate quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if Sunset manages to turn Twilight into a vampire before the others either turn them into Lady Blades or make them normal again.

Hm. This promises to be intriguing. A good start, at least. I think I'll hang around a bit longer. :ajsleepy:

Ridin at Sunset without a helmet? Yeah, she's going to be picking bugs out of her teeth...
Otherwise though: Loving it!

I feel kind of awkward for pointing this out but this is the first time you have used a Sex tag in one of your stories. :rainbowderp:

Woo! This is going to be good. :twilightsmile:
*huggles an Alby* :heart:

6495986 Nine chapters? That will definitely be a challenge to fit all of this story in, for sures. Good luck! :twilightsmile:

“Too late, already decided! Get lots of rest and juice; see you later, bye!”

Under any normal curcumstance, I would ignore the fact that a character does not see the blatantly obvious 'SUNSET SHIMMER IS A VAMPIRE' plot devolopment....


This is Pinkie Pie. She has been known to correctly predict the experiences of her friends to astonishing detail, and, more importantly, can tell if 'there's on heck of a doozy coming'.

Something is not right here. Either Human Pinkie is way less capable than pony Pinkie, which I don't think is true, or more likely... Sunset Shimmer vampire isn't the doozy.

Dear god.


Pinkie snorted. “Hey, if you got bit by a bat, maybe you’re turning into a vampire!”


Twilight said as the group gathered around Fluttershy’s van.

Fluttershy... has a van?

My headcanon= Exploded twice.

I always imagined her having a bicycle or something... you know, quiet, slow, and good for the environment; good for the animals.

Rarity knocked on the door. “Sunset, dear, it’s us!” There was no response.

Just to let you know, with a sex tag, and a story avatar like that, I'm expecting a hot lesbian-vampire orgy to take place the moment they open the door.

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