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Nopony interesting, Just a reader... with a canon villain character obsession.

By gosh, she's so cute how haven't I had a heart attack?

How can you not just hand over earth to her?

Mhmm. Queens of my heart.

Gosh, they give off this feeling that they're mean college b-word BFF's trying to be less horrible than they're known to be and I just- I love it.

Yes, I'm the dictionary definition of an addict, it's fine.

Eeyup, I'm going to stop myself now.

About RobynJSwift

Name: I usually go by Rae or Robyn, not a fan of my real name.
Pronouns: She/Her

  • I'm obviously interested in these magical horses, reading and writing.
  • Sunset Shimmer is the best thing to ever happen to me, period.
  • Second, however, comes the dazzlings.
  • Then after them is Starlight and Trixie.
  • I now realize I seem to have 2 types - unicorns and sirens.
  • Anyway, I would love to talk to anyone willing to make the first move. (Discord: RaeJay#6907)
  • (I'm an odd little nugget of a human so if you're scared of being weird around me, don't worry about that.)
  • The only romance I'm interested in is that which involves characters on a screen.
  • (How unordinary and unlike bisexual stereotypes, wowee.)

Stories So Good I Can't Really Forget Them