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Nopony interesting, just a reader... with a canon villain character obsession.

I am the dictionary definition of a hermit.

Highly terrified of people but I hope you have a nice day anyway.

About Me

Hey, I go by Rae online. I'm a Christian, technically-an-adult, is as much of a recluse as I can functionally be. I'm prone to bouts of addiction to ex-villain content most due to my high interest in redeemed character stories.

Favorite Characters:
Mane 6: Fluttershy (Twilight second) | EQG: Sunset Shimmer | EQG Villain: Dazzlings | Reformed in Equestria: Starlight Glimmer | Unreformed / Changeling: Chrysalis | Royal: Luna | CMC: Scootaloo | EQG Shadowbolt: Sugarcoat | Animal Companion: Gummy

My Presence Here:
I don't know that I'm ever going to actually post my fanfics here even if magical horse stories is a large part of my writing time. I just hate posting incomplete works, never seem to complete stories that I make far too large for my low level of dedication, and am kind of terrified of interacting to the point where I don't even make comments on social media sites. But that won't stop me from reading anything. Although with activity lowering in the fandom I may be able to bring myself to post one day if I ever finish something.

My Intro to MLP:
I've been a fan of Gen 4 since before Season 3 aired when I was in 4th grade, but didn't get into reading, writing or drawing until middle school because I needed a way to cope with puberty. I was a bit of a fan of MLP Gen 3 and Gen 3.5, I expected to never get magical horse cartoons again. I was super wrong, I cannot forget these magical horses. The first episode of MLP:FiM I ever watched was Dragonshy, I vividly remember sitting on the living room floor trying to find anything interesting and wanted to give cartoons a shot after remembering I hate watching sports when I tried out watching hockey.

Stories So Good I Can't Really Forget Them