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Father of twin 5yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.

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The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end · 11:24am January 28th

Arcelia and I are rewatching mlp from the first episode until the last. Neither of us have seen season nine. She's successfully moved back in with me and we are celebrating by taking the most epic trip down memory lane, culminating in the end of the show that brought us together in a way neither of us ever anticipated. I imagine it will be quite emotional when the time comes to say goodbye to the show.

But this is not the end. Thales will carry out our mission... somehow.

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Break the Cycle = 95.01%
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Monsters [T]
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Do It Mattered If I Is? [E] / Mare of Many Hats [T] / It is Upon These Words That the Fate of Equestria Hangs [E] / Chronopthisis [T] / Do Humans Get Wingboners? [T]
Dying to Get There [E] / All of It, for Her [E] / Sunset Shimmer Goes to The Zoo [T]
So Many Wonders [T] / Red Shoe Diaries: Equestria [M]
The Evolution of Harmony [E]
My Little Villains [E] / Dismay [T] / Transdementia [T] / EG: Nyx and the Sunset [T] / Sunset of Time [T]
Always [E] / Upheaval: Legacy [T] / Upheaval: Journeys [T]
Off the Edge of the Map [E] / Apotheosis [T] / Triptych [E]
Reddux the Tyrant [T]
The Big Butterfly Brouhaha [E] / Pinkie's First Cupcake [E]
Besides the Will of Evil [T]
The Phoenix Foal [T]
A Rose's Dilemma [E] / The Laughter I Choose to Be [E] / Maud and Rainbow Play Rock-Paper-Scissors [E]
Petriculture [E] / Inscape [T] / Avocation [E] / Pi [E] / Pandelirium [T]
Machina [E] / The Cup Cake Killer [T] / Floral Embrace [E]
Moonspire Run [E] / Mother of the Moon [E]
One In A Million [T]
A Rather Average Day [T] / "You Mess With Derpy, You Mess With All of Us." [T] / "I'm a Rapper Now. Rappers Are Cool." [E] / Ditzy the Drunken Seductress [T] / The Reign of Princess Biceps the Bulky [E] / Beep Boop, I Will Destroy You! [E] / Cold Without a Sun: Hard to Shine Bright [T]
A Brush with Beauty [E] / Daring Do & The Rookie Editor [E] / Beneath your Feet, what Treasures [E]
An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Five [T] / Accidents Happen [T] / Safe [E] / More Than You Know [E]
Rise [T]
A World Without Kindness [T]
Feed Them [T] / Entertain Them [M] / Hunt Them [M] / Guide Them [T] / A Rose For Luna [E] / Great and Powerful? [E]
Kill The Lights [T] / Dust and Harmony [T] / The Elite [T] / Letters To A Disgruntled Friendship Student [T]
Of Age [T]
Class [T] / Lovey Dovey and the Business Pony [E]
All the Mortal Remains [E] / Cold Hearted [T]
The Cake of Apontyllado [T] / Connections [E] / Eternity [E]
The Butterfly's Burden [E] / Allure [E] / Those Who Live Forever [E]
Heart Invasion 101 [T] / Responses to a Disgruntled Friendship Student [T] / Book of Days [E] / Pioneer [T] / Of Swords and Hearts [T]
Faster [T]
Not The Hero [T] / An Epic for Gilgamesh [T] / Reaper Mare [T] / Here Be Dragons [E] / Starving [T] / An Affliction of the Heart: Chitin's Story [M]
The Sisters Doo [T]
Nosflutteratu [T] / The Great Ponyville Snow Fight [E] / The Only One In Color [E] / Lady Prismia and the Princess-Goddess [E] / Descent Into Hell [T]
The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds [T]
Ghost Town [T] / All The Bitter Remains [E] / Lyra's Ultimate Item Emporium [E] / Corruption [E] / Herostratic [E] / Meet Me For Coffee? [T] / Of Winter and Wine [E] / Rocks Are (Not) Dumb [E]
Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen [T]
Sunshine and Fire [T]
Lulamoon's Castle [E]
Just an Old Fool [E] / Cartography of War [T] / Love, Sugar, and Sails [T] / Withdrawal [T] / The Last Curtain Call [E] / Long Road to Friendship [T] / The Gentle Nights: Audience of One [E]
Princess Celestia Gets Mugged [E]
Foundations [E]
Princess Twilight Sparkle's 500th Birthday [E]
Schemering Sintel [T]
Twilight's Inferno [M]
Que Sera, Sera [E]
It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door [T]
Antipodes [T]
Transcendence [T]
Secrets Shine Brighter [T]
Asylum [T]

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Oh wow, you actually have a life.

That's honestly pretty awesome.

Starting your own business too; that's gotta be a task.

Indeed, I've been steady with Arcelia since July 4th, 2017. I started my own business in October of that year and it's still going great. I don't really have much time for ponyfic anymore but I do enjoy popping my head around every now and then to see that my friends are still enjoying themselves and maintaining their passion.

Ya chong

Oh man, you're still around
How's it going bruv
Ya big drongo

From the look of your profile bio blurb you've also taken shore leave recently?

Hey, I'm glad you find the story so enjoyable! So thanks for that.
I haven't completely ruled out the idea of resuming it one day, but my life is far too busy lately and I don't see it changing anytime soon.
So to that end, I say maybe find some other stories of a similar genre to read (I recommend Eakin, DSNesmith, and PaulAsaran), and perhaps by the time you've forgotten TUR exists, I'll surprise you out of the blue. :twilightsmile:

I can’t possibly tell you how amazing the ultimate rebellion is please if you ever have time can you start writing it again? If you were looking for someone to continue the story for you I would have taken the challenge but my writer days ended where they started on wattpad after that I think I developed a permanent writers block or something.

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