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Ruling a nation on the brink of collapse is a stressful job, and nopony knows that better than Princess Platinum. With the pressure of a starving kingdom and fraying relationships with the Pegasus tribes, she has little option other than to seek the advice of her best friend and, perhaps, to take the first step to save everypony.

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Despite everything, she does care for her kingdom. I do wonder if there will be more, centered around the other four.

Thank you for sharing this Comet

Thanks for finally publishing this. It's been years since you cobbled it together. :heart:
Minor quibble: "Majesty" is a word reserved for kings and queens. "Highness" is the word you want for princes and princesses. Just caught a single slip in that regard. Otherwise, this reads just as I remember, but tidier.

An enjoyable story - the struggle of a kingdom, of a ruler who has to appear strong even if she's being torn apart on the inside.
Also a good display of finding out how the emotions affect the winter.
A show that the old times are not always good.

I think they both ship amazing together. Though I love to see a sequel!

Thick with delicious dramatic irony and the tragedy of a ruler who can only see zero-sum solutions. Nice work all around. Thank you for it.

I really liked how the Windigos were affecting everything, from her reactions to the peasants to their fight, and yet they never had to actually appear for us to know exactly what's going on. Good work.

Only thing that caught me as odd was Clover being a male but guessing canonically we don't actually know what Clover's gender was even if the character is played by a female lead in the play in the one telling of the story we saw. The name is kind of gender neutral.

8374491 How is Clover a gender-neutral name?

There are two depictions of ponies who have tthe name Clover in mlp. The first being Clover the Clever which in the play is played by Twilight. It is a plant name which in human culture is typically associated with females but pony culture doesn't have the same cultural connection.
On the male end there is another pony with the name Clover named "Lucky Clover" who is a stallion.

So two depictions of Clover in show one male depiction and one female and lack of plant name equals female name in pony culture makes it a gender neutral name.

you know platnium's outburst about 'how can i feed my people' isn't sympathetic right? it just reflects on her as a manipulative egotists and for the record, given the confirmation starswirl is still alive at this time, platinum probably wouldn't be as wiling to threaten clover, as generally the court wizard was untouchable from anything save directly attacking the king. king bullion would be more likely to punish her for going after the apprentice of his most trusted adviser.

Huh. According to the Wiki, Commander Hurricane is the only stallion among the six founders. So far, I had actually assumed Clover the Clever was male. And I don't even remember Lucky Clover.

It isn't officially canon it is just assumed female since Twilight played Clover in the play. We don't actually know. We have the name and that is about it. We only know Commander Huricane was male is because the addressing as sir.

Well, we do know that Hurricane is male, and he was played by Rainbow Dash. There's quite a bit of evidence that Equestria's ponies care a good bit less about gender than we humans do. But yes, according to the Wiki, Clover is female.

The Wiki is a fan creation in itself and isn't canon. Bottom line there isn't a canon answer to whether Clover was male or female.

True. Fair enough.

This is an interesting prequel to the Hearths Warming story. I loved the subtle changes in the atmosphere as the Windegos were effected by Clover's and Platinum's emotions. I did think it was a little odd that the unicorn and earth pony peasants were equally starving, since the episode states that the earth tribe was hording food. However, it's possible that the ruling class of earth ponies were keeping most of the food for themselves.

8375645 I'm pretty sure that's the entire point. This was back when the Wendigos were still swirling around and causing disharmony. Everything's fractured and everyone is at each other's throats.

just saying her father probably wouldn't like her playing with fire and potentially pissing off his most trusted and likely most powerful adviser, also it seems quite obvious now why luna and celestia where asked to rule, she'd have ran everything into the ground in a year.

8376653 Yeah, he probably wouldn't. After all, his own negative feelings would also be amplified by the Wendigos, just like everyone else's. I suspect if they hadn't been there messing everything up, Platinum wouldn't have been so bad.

*Chuckles* Princess Platinum is over looking that she is to Clover the CLEVER. You don't get titles like for being stupid.

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Well clover is said to be a guy in the EQ universe so....

Well, this is a cute story, and it fits in well with the canon lore behind Hearthswarming. Have a thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

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