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Equestria, it is said, was not made in a day. It was made through hardships, through struggle, and through the coming together of peoples who had never seen each other as anything more than enemies. But now ponykind is united, and their leaders have come together to try and guide them all in this new era of unity.

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Once more, Clover found herself the focus of everypony's attention, and alas, it was for something she did not have a satisfying answer for. "I wish I could say that they were. Goodness knows they gave us enough grief. But the truth...is that there is a chance they may return someday." She frowned. "They'll always exist, even as incorporeal spirits. But if strife flares up between our peoples again, they will return, as powerful as they were when we last saw them."

Yeah about that

they do come back after a thousand years on season 9 episode The End of the ends

But Clover raised her hoof, showing to all her intention to speak next. "No, she's right. We need to do all we can to foster friendship between our peoples, not just for today, but for the future. Our plans here in this room are a good start, but we have to do more, and for a long time. We owe it..." Her ears drooped. "To all who fell."

Don't worry clover you're right about one thing they will always be a generation who will face something like that the pillars the Mane 6 and young six in the future will keep the peace even though there will always be threats but they will stop this

Wow it looks like this is the aftermath of the hearts warming eve it looks like Clover the clever and the other ponies from different tribes the leaders and their companions known as friends talks about how to we stablish their new Homeland even though they will miss their own home they will have to look for the future and unfortunately the wendigo's will be back but with a generation especially the main six and the young six they will bring peace to Equestria this was a pretty good story of how they are been doing keep up the good work and also welcome back

Awesome little story here, welcome back James! :twilightsmile:

Composing himself, the new stallion started speaking more calmly. "You wanted to be kept abreast of strange rumours and murmurings, and I recently heard one. Word has it that some of the ponies sent out to find suitable settling land to the east have, well...started forgetting things? Others were sent after them and they found them with no idea of who they were or what they were doing there."

Ah, the Memory Stone. So where's Starswirl at this point? He can't be in Limbo yet if the Unification predates the Royal Sisters.

If G5 is anything to go by, they were genocided in that episode, as the true act of redemptive, lawgiving violence for the new regime against which the execution of the Legion of Doom was but a mere sideshow.

As Twilight would say

ENOUGH! Because of you, I almost lost my way! But everycreature here has reminded me of the true power of friendship! There will always be darkness in the world, but there will also always be those who find the light! The Pillars knew this! That's why they created the Elements of Harmony! The Elements showed me and my friends how strong our friendship could be! Together we worked to bring harmony to Equestria! But there will always be more to do! Which is why we teach others about the Magic of Friendship! Others who will continue our mission after we are gone! Now I truly understand! The Elements were just symbols! The real magic has always been right here! And the more who understand how powerful friendship is, the stronger we will all be! Together


Basically what I'm trying to say is there's always going to be another hope somewhere in the future

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