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Bootsy Slickmane

Retired writer and graphic artist.

Who? Some guy you've never heard of.

NOTICE: I have retired from writing pony fiction and have no plans of ever resuming said activity. If you so desire, you can feel free to do readings/audiobooks of any of my works, so long as you credit properly.

I've been writing since 1996, but most of my writing has occurred since 2008, as has my most prominent improvements in skill. I started watching the show in early 2013, and joined the fandom proper shortly thereafter. I wanted to give something back to the community that had brought me so much fun, and writing was what I've always been best at, so I decided to start writing fanfiction. I'd written original stuff almost exclusively before, so fanfiction was an interesting new challenge for me. I greatly enjoyed it, and so I kept going.

I hope to continue improving as a writer, which is one of the other reasons I'm here. I rather like experimenting with different genres, though I've dabbled in quite a few already, at this point. I've sort of taken it upon myself to write stories that other people haven't. When I see a concept that nobody has written about, or a certain approach nobody has taken, I like to step up an fill that void. Another thing I like to do are deconstructions, especially of fandom concepts.

Oh, and unless otherwise noted, all my cover art is done by me (as well as some covers for a few others around here). For the record, I don't take requests or commissions for either fics or artwork.

Where you can find my artwork:


And Nothing Happens

My Highest-Rated


If · 9:42am Jul 20th, 2018

Sometimes, I make the mistake of looking at my stories here and their comment sections, and I get that old itch to make pony stuff again. I had a lot of fun doing it, after all, and I do love to entertain. I still have a lot of trouble getting any creative work done, of course. I haven't even had any real interest in it for quite a while, now. But even beyond that... well...

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Is it me, or your avatar got a bit pale?

That's what people tell me. If I ever care about the show again, I might give it a watch.

Duuuude, you have to see episode 13, The Perfect Pear. It's widely regarded as one of the best (if not the best) episodes in the entire show, and to my knowledge has the highest IMDB score. It's truly amazing in every possible way.

I have not seen any of season 7 yet, no.

Just stopping by to wonder if you've seen season 7 yet, or at least The Perfect Pear?

Dude, that's super cute. Now that made me smile.

Hey , send you a PM.

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