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I hate not being able to sleep. You lie there, staring at the inside of your own eyelids and waiting, but it seems like morning never comes. Nothing to do but stare at the walls or think about all the stuff you're usually too busy for. Just be alone in the dark and quiet with your thoughts, pondering existence and history.

All that pondering would be easier if it weren't for that air-headed twerp snoring next to me.

Pre-read by DragonShadow and Samey90

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And then Aria became a... Wait, I'm not gonna write fics about that :pinkiehappy:

Grumpy Aria is Grumpy, :derpytongue2:

A grizzly bear eating a chainsaw: That's what I've heard every night for the last week. Except there's no chainsaw and no bear

You are listening to: The Sounds of Russia

And that's when a silence-rending cough comes from the other bed.


And if there's anything I learned from this story it's that Sonata is the most adorable thing in the history of the world and I feel myself die on the inside for every moment that I can't hug her.

6803286 Your profile picture made that comment even more better :rainbowlaugh:

I liked that

Good job :twilightsmile:

Poor Aria.

6804770 NOT HELPING!

Why am I friends with you again?

.... okay, i really enjoyed. sleepy sonata Antics and Aria bein' Aria. also...

6804776 yeah. Sonata is over the top adorable. AND THAT PIC DID NOT HELP :flutterrage:

6804770 Damn you. Damn both of you. Now i want to hug her too.

D'aww this was cute. Poor grouchy Aria.:rainbowkiss:

You nailed the characters of the Dazzlings. Aria and Adagio's dialogue was perfect. This was a really great one-shot!

The cute is strong with this one...

the shipping is STRONG IN THIS ONE MY CHILD!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! loved the story man sick shit

Hey this wasn't bad at all. My favorite thing is all the insulting names you used: cheesehead, chowderhead, and jerkwagon stand out in particular.

Also, I saw what you did there at the end. Shipper much?

Yeah, I've always been fond of weird insults.

Also, I saw what you did there at the end. Shipper much?

Maybe a little.

Liked this, especially Sonata's sleep talk.

Well, I'd think of something.

And you just said you'd think of something better aria, how original. :ajbemused:

"Alright, I get it." I consider arguing with her, but it's never gotten me anywhere before. Arguing with Adagio is usually about as useful as trying to wrestle a boulder. A big boulder. I kick off the covers and hop off the mattress. "Take your stupid bed."

She really must be quite the pain to deal with. 😒

Sonata stretches a hand into my face, making a squeaking sound like an old wheel that needs grease. A finger almost goes up my nose. Then she rolls, the hand coming to rest right on my chest. Her lips smack a few times, and then she mumbles, "There was this big dinosaur, and he was stomping around a parking lot and singing about how well he can digest people." She rubbed that same hand at her nose, but then put it right back. "He got really good mileage."

Wtf! 😨

I push against her a little, but she shows no signs of becoming any less clingy. I want to peel her off and hurl her little body against a wall, but then she'd whine and Adagio would yell at us. Besides, she's stopped snoring now, and the rhythm of her breaths is kinda soothing. She doesn't make a terrible blanket, either. Nice and warm, and not too bony. Maybe I can actually get some sleep.

See, there's always a bright side for everything. :ajsmug:

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