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Vinyl and Octavia sit down and eat some breakfast cereal. Nothing ensues.

Now with a (somewhat unconventional) reading on YouTube.

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And then they died

I don't understand how this was so great. It was literally nothing...

I think I need to lie down.

This fic is the pure definition of "Slice of Life"

Why is this so good!?

omfg this was the best piece of crap i have ever read. just kidding, i really do love it. i am guessing that you are just using this as practice for details which you had plenty of. get a plot and setting and you are good to go to write an amazing story, your format is great, the style works well with no large angry blocks of text, and no indiscernible sentences that are looser than your shit after taco bell. again great stuff you just need a plot now.

oh lol i didnt see that before. yup he is just trollin by defining the literal "Slice of Life" unlike most people who just slap the tag on to get more views.
me gusta

4442619 It was, however, a very well composed nothing. No more, no less. Nearly any subject matter can be an enjoyable distraction when it's written well enough, even nothings such as a quick bowl of cereal in the morning with your roommate.

Indeed they did.
About forty years later.

Ah, I see my mind conditioning is already taking effect. Just go with it; it makes it easier.

Slice of Life indeed. This isn't trolling so much as it is experimentation. It's a story purposely built without a plot, where nothing of any consequence happens. Just characters doing normal, everyday stuff. It's a story about nothing, and I'm seeing how well such is received.

This is actually the second "and Nothing Happens" story I've done. Both were done to see how well I could entertain people with stories that are based around boring things that professionals would probably say not to bother writing about because nobody cares. I wanted to take a totally boring idea, and write it in such a way that it's actually enjoyable to read. Someone requested I do another after my first, and I kinda wanted to anyway, since it's a fun little exercise in character interaction and dialogue. Thus, this story was made.

Thanks. Enjoyable nothing was the goal, so I'm quite pleased to hear that you liked it.

Wow...that's all I can say.

I love it, it might provide me with that extra little bit to keep my fragile, re-attached grip on sanity, or it might make me lose it. not reall sure at this point, can I have more?
omigosh my head hurts, great my sanitys slippin away I can feel it, goodbye sanity *waves at monitor*
that was sadly my actual thought process
ahh insanity, theres nothing quite like it

HAHA. Finally. FINALLY someone who gets it.

4443050 if i was a pony, that would be my morning! EVERY MORNING!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Only problem I see is no sexual tension between the two of them....

Octavia's dreams suggest that deep inside she might be into vore...

Vinyl shrugged again. "I think it's just metabolism thing." She smirked suddenly. "You ever see a fat unicorn?"

Snips and that guy from Inspiration Manifestation who might be Snips' father. But I guess they're exceptions.

This fic was refreshing. No major plot. No major conflict or ship. Just two friends in the morning.

So simple yet so interesting. Great job!

4443044 So my headcanon was true after all!

I do appreciate stories like this, I really do.
With all the towering adventurous fics piled up with the steamy romance clops, this was, in my opinion, a genuine good read.

A pit stop, so to speak.

Good story, direct, simple. Nothing happens. I like it.

TENOUTTATEN :moustache:


Oops, sorry. Looks like my mind conditioning hit a little too hard.

You know it, baby.

Best way to start the day.

There's a complex reason for that which I'll explore in a later series about the two. Let's just say that I'm going for an altogether-different depiction of the two.

... I totally forgot about those two. Oh well.

Thanks, man.

Precisely what I was aiming for, thanks.

4445513 don worry I have been on the cusp of insanity for a while, barely keeping it together as is, I do enjoy these simple slice of life stories though, makes a great read

...I'm not entirely sure what I expected, but that wasn't quite it.

I chuckled at the cereal though.

I have a mild obsession with fictional cereals. I need to figure out ways to work them into my stories more.

I was listening to this while I read the fic:

We feel that it fit incredibly well. I'm not sure what it is about this fic, but I guess I just like the idea of seeing a small glimpse in to the ordinary lives of two ponies. Slice of Life indeed.

As far as obsessions go, it's not a bad one to have.

My favorite part was when they ate cereal.

The beginning threw me off, such a gripping entrance into a glorious morning of eating breakfast... Why can't my mornings be this entertaining? :T

Needs more toast for it to be a true "Slice" story. Up-voted anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, so you're a cereal offender?

That was officially the best thing ever.

Vinyl shrugged again. "I think it's just metabolism thing." She smirked suddenly. "You ever see a fat unicorn?"

Have you every seen a fat pony in general? I've only seen like 2 :pinkiecrazy:

Well, that's just peachy. :trollestia:

Vinyl shrugged again. "I think it's just metabolism thing." She smirked suddenly. "You ever see a fat unicorn?"

Have they ever seen the Ponyville school children?

Thanks. I think part of the appeal might come from the fact that most people don't go out on grand adventures, but most people know what it's like to eat breakfast.

Mine too.

At this point, I figure that Octavia probably lives in Canterlot, since she's only been seen in another town once and that was because of dark magic. And I'm guessing that Vinyl probably didn't hang around the schools the times she was in town.

I guess so. I guess it's a habit I need to break fast before it get's me in hot milk.

Silce of life is the best way to describe this... story?

Well, that certainly was.... beautiful, actually.

It was simple. And that's why it's beautiful. You are good. Very good.


There was on Vinyl's side. "Is Marble gonna be there?" Everything after that sounds like Vinyl's unhappy with Marble's potential affections towards Octavia, given her reaction.


Honestly, Vinyl makes a point. All unicorns, of at least adult age, would have to have very high natural metabolisms. Otherwise, since their levitation does everything for them, they'd get practically no exercise, and the entire race would be so fat after thousands of years that they'd probably start looking like a pony version of the Buy-n-Large human recolonists from Wally.

A completely random slice of life from someone you've never met. There is absolutely no reason for you to care about what happens, but still, you read on, intrigued to see what happens. This is why slice of life stories are so enjoyable; they perk our natural curiosity and craving for knowledge.

Literally nothing happens and it's adorable. Hooray for real conversations! Good job. Have a favorite and a share on my tumblr :twilightsmile:

This is why I like slice of life.
And this is why there should be a normal tag for non-slice of life but true-to-the-show fanfics.

I like this kind of fic; It's a fic about nothing. It seems like something that you would see happening on Seinfeld XD

:raritystarry: This is absolutely the most normalest fanfic I have ever read. That's a good thing. It honestly feels like my family in the morning. Good job my good sir! I give you a like, a follow, and a potato. I congratulate you!

I kept on expecting the ending to be...
"And then they fucked."

I'd call it a story, yeah. Not a plot, just a story.

Why, thank you kindly. I do my best.

Makes sense to me.

Thanks. Totally normal was the goal, and Seinfeld did come to mind while writing it.

Well said.

A normal tag. That's a great idea.

Sorry, but that would have been something and this is about nothing. You'll find no plot twists in the "Nothing Happens" series.

4454252 Would it have been something?

Well, I suppose just whether or not it would really count would depend on just how much focus there was. If it's only mentioned, it's barely part of the story. If it were described, however, I'd call that something.

4454269 No description. Just that one line.

Hmm.... Considering there wasn't much to imply a sexual relationship between the two, it might very well count as a plot twist. I think that would probably be something. Probably just a matter of perspective, and is therefore down to interpretation.

Most people would probably expect a plot twist in a story that says nothing happens, because I think most people would put a plot twist into such a story in an attempt to subvert expectations. But, because that's the trend, not putting in a twist and attempting to subvert expectations actually does subvert expectations. Kinda backwards.

I swear that's wasn't supposed to sound pretentious.

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