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Late Story Updates · 11:32pm January 13th

Hello everyone following Fallout Equestria: Chasing Paradise! This blog post if for you. I want to put out that, unfortunately due to the recent holiday season as well as the US Navy stealing the most of my time away I have not had the time to work on putting out chapters consistently. I will be trying my best to put out a chapter by the end of this week however. I have a bit of a time crunch as I'm moving on Saturday and will be busy for the most of the weekend, but I will do my best. Thank

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So Kancolle (or Kantai Collection) is a Japanese browser game about WWII warships turned into Anime girls, Like Azur Lane and other moe-anthropomorphism games / shows.

Wow, an interesting but obscure reference; what's it about exactly?

Yeah of course! Good stories deserve to be read and shared. And also the Avi is Hatsuzuki from Kancolle, that CG is from a pike fish event in game so the artist drew her with a fish.

Thank you very much for the bookshelf on Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree !

Feel free to join me and it's community on Discord ; come bug me if you wish I encourage it.

If you find a grammar or other mistake, mention it in the comments and I will fix it or address it immediately.
Leave a comment on your thoughts and I'll shoot you one back too ;)

I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me an upvote because that is how FiM determines if more people see it (Yes, just like YouTube; Likes are the lifeblood of authors).

Thank you again,

What anime is your avatar? I wanna know where she caught a Tuna that big.

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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