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Hi, Yes I'm Queen Quake, Wandering Sunrise, and Tread Lightly - I like Explosions, 40K, Ponies, Anime, and Explosions....that's about it. Check me out on YouTube just search Fiaura ;)

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OMW home from HRPC · 10:37pm June 5th

So I'll see yall at Trotcon, Crystal Mountain Ponycon, and Bronycon next. So much work to do between now and then; new story will be out this week; chapter 20 FoE: Dead Tree is in progress and a second new story is already getting artwork done for it!

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2608173 I see. Well, simply let me know if you ever feel like learning.

I mean, that would probably be fun.

2608109 Filish. I can teach it to you at some point, should you wish to use it for some method.

Yes but what language?

I mean if I shoot a Spanish marine that's a lot of pain in excess :p

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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