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Hi, Yes I'm Queen Quake and Wandering Sunrise I like Explosions, 40K, Ponies, Anime, and Explosions....that's about it. Check me out on YouTube just search Fiaura ;)


Bone Daddy has lived for several hundred centuries. Most of what made him equine and anything like his pony brethren has long since been lost to the cold dead ravages of study. He published medical papers through the decades and was funded by Princess Luna from well before she ever became Nightmare Moon. Now, something has arrived, a tiny package that he must deal with. A package that is alive and breathing still, with an innocence that might save him.

Featured: 11/24/2018 - 1/26/2018

Mr Numbers
Enigmatic Otaku

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Glacier Frostclaw

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oh my god you did it,,, i thought you were joking .

well crap looks like i am gonna have to start reading even though i got stats class,,,, also in the description i think you mean innocence no innocent, also is the lich a unicorn i cannot see a horn in picture?
ah had to zoom in the angle kinda hid horn

And I will enjoy the fact you are watching ;)

I imagine you do ;)

So Life Sapphire is sounding like the antithesis of Bone Daddy. I can only imagine the looks of all the parents seeing the Lich with this little Filly.

Wait, has his name always been Bone Daddy?

All the dirty horrible looks.

There are some things that make me question my reality...

This is one of them.

I like the general idea. Here are some things I noticed: You might want to consider making use of more complex sentences, I think that someone of such age and intelligence would be a bit more eloquent. I also thought it a bit weird that the doctor starts screaming the second he sees him, then the skeleton guy wants to punch him all of the sudden and immediate reset back to normal.

Also is Maulwurf used intentionally?

Maulwarf is the creature from the episode: To Change a Changling.

I am using less complex sentences intentionally but it is something I will consider changing if I decide to rewrite parts.

He's a Lich whose only emotion has been mind annoyance for a few centuries, his emotional spectrum coming back is a bit random but you are right, I will calm the randomness just a little.

Thanks ;)

You have my attention I await more. :twilightsmile:

Working on more, be out Wednesday.

*rubs hooves together* excellent

You are so excited about that.

Hey fan fiction is kind of my thing, throw in a little bit of a morbid aesthetic and it just makes my day. Also the idea of this creature most would flee from taking care of a little filly I find sweet. Reminds me of this other story that has a similar relationship between Sweetie Belle and Sombra. Sadly that story hasn’t updated in over a year. :fluttercry:

This is the first of 8 cute story prompts from my subscribers in addition to the FoE thing.
So once I finish this, expect another cute thing to pop up Soon™

so fare it not bad at all for a cute short story. And I am sure the name make people think the worse about the story. But I think the name add to it when you know what the story is about.

You do know your little pic above the little pony is a unicorn and not a earthpony.. But can not wait to see where the story goes from here.

Someone is seeing the hidden meanings.

There is a custom piece being done that should be finished before I release the next part.

dang it fi first chapter of my dumb idea in and you already plucking on heart strings.

bone daddy has a thing for luna. I see he is a man of culture and class, also i agree with bone daddy this seems a bad idea!

getting more swallow, i think it should be shallow,,, only typo i seen in story so far

Wait till the final chapter

Your way of writing is simple and straightforward...and I like that. It's easier to follow the story.
I'm intrigued by the plot, too. I'm eager to see how the story will go on.
I put the story on the "tracking list", hoping to see the next chapter soon.
Cheers :)

Glad you enjoy it, the ending is written. I am currently working on making a song for it.

This is going to get sad and make me cry is it? It a good story so fare. but I can see the hand writing on the wall here. and some thing bad going to happen. Well I will have to come back for the next part and find out now.

The last part is ready and yes it will make you cry or wish you could.

Fiaura no! No sad ending! I like these two way too much for a sad ending!

It will be an ending worth reading.

going to want to read this.

Ah, the question is, is he naturally influencing the foal or is the foal expending herself accidentally influencing him?

Interesting. Luna is being cryptic, but it's troublesome he's been hidden away like some dark secret. Though perhaps he enjoys the solitude...

Life seems to know more than he does.
Interesting that her vocal chords were burnt out but that seemingly happened before the deaths of her mortal parents. It's also highly suspect that she lived approximately five years with no name...

yes, she's not a cat. Some ponies need more attention...

You have the right to be suspicious ;)

He does enjoy the solitude but the princess knows what damage is has done to his soul.

The last chapter is up.

Someone is looking deep.

You're starting to get it.

Hmm, exposure seems to be doing wonders for Bone.
But was it worth the price?

Go on and find out if he thinks it was worth the price in the final chapter.

Very interesting start off.

But yes, a slight shock to his mind as he now has responsibility, LOL

Hmmmm, more to unravel!

Interesting to see how this is unfolding and where it is going.

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