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As of October 25th, 2022, I've retired from Fimfiction. I'll miss you.


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If someone started bitching in the comments just because I'm focusing more on another fandom instead of what that person likes I wouldn't want to come back here either. Like, I'd rather he focused more on 'Borne of Desire' than 'Borne of Caution' but I'm not gonna cry in the comments just for him to do what I want.

I get it, I'd also like to see an update for 'Junior' or 'RGRE Oneshots' but you're just going to get him to leave FIMfiction permanently.

.............let him write what he wants.....

Guess people making money doing commissions for fan art should also stop?

If he was writing pony fiction on Patreon and cross posting it here (which he's doing for his Pokemon shit elsewhere), would you be right on board, or would you complain then too?

That aside, it's not uncommon for writers to have shifts in interests or follow their muse elsewhere, and also not uncommon to have it shift back. 6 months is nothing lol, back when Legacy was still updating, we'd go 6, 12, 18 months without an update, followed up by a massive bundle of chapters. As for IRL, I'm still waiting for book 3 of a trilogy from Dean Koontz and it's been nearly 2 decades.

Finally, the sheer ridiculousness of "dont expect anything else here for the foreseeable the future so long as he's soaking up that monthly donation money." "look you can be as pissy about me stating the truth" that isn't the truth, that's either entitlement, envy, or both. Again, there's nothing wrong with someone trying to turn a hobby into something more. Expecting someone to always provide something you want for free, then expressing vitriol when you no longer get the free thing you were never owed in the first place is pretty sad.

look you can be as pissy about me stating the truth about him giving up on pony words but the fact remains that he hasn't written anything pony related in over six months and is only concentrating on his pokemon pateron series. and yes I will criticize anybody who makes money using copyrighted properties without permission because it's as low effort as buying the parts for a prefab shed, putting it together while just adding a window and some paint and then selling it while saying you built it from scratch to bump up the price.

God forbid someone try to make a livelihood writing and try to earn money with it.

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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