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All beings desire to be loved like no other, but what happens when that desire twists and warps your own grip on reality? When you want, but can never have?

(Anon in Equestria)

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Dayum, that ending was a little unexpected.

Well.... don't know what to say...um....have a like? :applejackunsure:

So Star is descended from Not-Cadence and Anon, well that's an interesting family tree even if it goes back a few centuries.

That was different, I really liked it mate, it was very well done. Have a like and fave. :pinkiesmile:

Short and dark! That ending was unexpected, though.

Wow. That was.. Unexpected. Well done. Like and fave from me.

oooooooo i get it now. well done

4131418 Can you explain it to me please? I'm kinda lost...

Huh. So I guess that happened. :applejackunsure:
Nice job. That was a good twist. :twilightsmile:

What a twisr...... GOD DAMN IT!

4131530 Well cadence became interested in Anon and made a clone so 'she' could be with him and Shining at the same time. However, she started watching anon and not-cadence, hundreds of years later she's jealous and obsessed even though anon died.

Oh my, what a twi-


Oh God, WHAT A TWIST! :raritydespair:

Ouch, poor Cadence. This theme always gets to me, beloved characters going truly insane. It hits me harder than their death most of the time.

But yeah, this was nice, if a bit depressing. I'm pretty sure I'm trying to say "good job", but right now I need to watch Rick Astley for a bit.

MotherFugger you magnificent bastard

Magnificent story.:twilightsmile:

always fun to mingle in someone else's despair and insanity. :pinkiecrazy: short but well done.

also, i wonder if Anon and NC actually ended up making a race of Anthro ponies

I literally just read this fic twenty times in the last fifteen minutes.:applejackconfused:

It's short but... words, i have none to describe this feel.:ajsleepy:

Wow this story was epic. Short but very entertaining. Thx to the guy in the comments who explained the ending. Had some trouble getting it.

4132482 star is obviously anon and not cadences foal right.

That is a very sad picture of Cadance...

I didn't really feel anything the entire story, but then I read that one sentence at the end and it all hit me like a fucking cinder block. Oh jesus.

Wow. That was clever, good author. Very clever. Well done. :moustache:

Comment posted by CrackerHumps deleted Nov 9th, 2015

Very well done and not a common TV or movie plot line at all. You have really impressed me with this story and several of your others.

Great job.

The Monk

Well, that's not what I expected to happen. I don't even really like Cadence, but I still feel for her here.

I'm sad enough as it is, you glorious bastard.

This raises even more questions. What happened to Shining considering the fact that she's so desperate to live another one's past happy memories. How did Not Cadence pass away? Doesn't the clone receives the immortality from OG Cadence? I wonder if Anon ever knew the truth. If not, then damn, that's kinda sad.

I don't know about Shining, but there is no clone the mirror is showing her old memories.

I know there is no clone cause it died along with Anon. I'm just surprised the clone died cause I was expecting that when Cadence went through the magic pool, the clone would also receive her immortality.

There is no clone because there was never a clone what we're seeing through the mirror was Cadence old Ancient Memories she broke when Anon died so she made up a scenario where he didn't die he just got taken away with a clone.

You lost me dude.

No matter what, though, you couldn’t leave Anon. Not when one of the few things he had to look forward to was to see you. But luckily, there was a way around that.

The mystical Mirror Pool provided your answer. Said answer was a perfect clone of you.

I don't understand what you're saying.... ???

He's saying that Cadence is crazy and made that story up to comfort herself.

So...what did I just read?

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