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Hi there. I hope you enjoy the stories.


Celestia travels to a far corner of her kingdom to investigate a rumor about a colt with strange, illicit cutie marks. She meets Radish Root, a boy whose marks make him an anomaly in the fabric of Equestria, a mystery to himself, and an outcast among society.
When Radish joins the Royal Guard just prior to the return of Nightmare Moon, he finds his life being complicated by all the changes coming to Equestria. His marks will lead him into adventure, intrigue, and trouble... but will they ever lead him to answers?

Proofreader: Slavenger Karl
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What are the sex and profanity tags for?

Just being cautious. The guidelines said to use the sex tag even if sex is just referenced. And the profanity will be occasional, but present.

I honestly would also try to get rid of the mark if it's given me nothing but grief

I wasn't sure about this story in the first chapter but the second chapter realy sold me on it.
You get a like and a favorite from me.

Well color me intrigued

Sold me on the story… count me in.

I like this story and I'm sad to see it has so few upvotes, but on the flip-side (and i don't wanna jinx it) it still has zero down votes which I think is amazing, especially considering what its about. I mean the instant I write anything it automatically gets at least fifteen downvotes no matter what.

Thanks. I'm new around here, so any upvotes are a thrill for me. I know I'll get downvotes sooner or later, and I'm curious as to what they'll be in response to.

Sadly unjustifiable downvotes are a thing here no mater what you write, just don't let it get you down if that happens. There's always gonna be at least one person in the bunch that'll get a kick out of giving you your first downvote for no reason at all.

Wow... Kinda sounds like that Twiggles got some level of issues here, if her apparent plans are anything to go by.

More like she worships Celestia. Can't stand the thought of her mentor being reduced to her 'base desires'. There is also no doubt in my mind that Celestia is going to use Twilight to test him. HARD. Looking forward to him embarrassing both of them!

well at least we know that if twilight goes too far a good punishement would be to not allow her to do any magic or studying for a while just to put it in perspective for her how such actions can effect someone

cant wait for the story to catch up to when luna back her reaction be great

Welcome to the club with the downvotes I mean and I like the unique setting you made here can’t wait for your next chapters

Luna is gonna be laughing like a hyena when she hears about this boys mark.

That was short and neat.:moustache:
Hopefully Radish won't get into trouble due to technicalities*knocks on wood*

Murmurs arose from the crowds, followed by panicked shouts. Some of the guards among them were calling for calm, and the band resumed their song to try to bring some sense of normalcy back. Some of the masses were already rushing for the exits.

Sun: no rise

Nice. We got pen pal connection:twilightsmile:

cant wait for Luna reaction to his cutie mark

Luna: "sister exactly what have you been doing that ponies are getting cutie marks like that?
Celestia: "sigh Luna it not like that"
Luna: "please tell me you have not turned the defenders of our kingdom into your personal concubines"

The conversation with Luna is gonna be hilarious.

Well that is pretty much what we expected to happen in a way. She is indeed cheered by the mark it seems. I wonder what Celestia thinks if/when she finds out...

"We are entertained.":moustache:

Tentatively liked, but there's something that feels unduly cruel about the nature of this tale, and I truly have no idea where it's going.

“We are cheered. Return to thy post.”

Oh my god

there be a real irony if he eventually hooked up with luna

wow its like celestia wanted the dragon to kill the elements

I'm really enjoying this take on things. Keep up the good work!

Thanks! Fleshing out the world behind the show is the most fun part of it.

Well that was unexpected but also kinda expected.

“You realize what you’re saying goes against what’s in the Codex Magnus, right? It says that dragons form tight family bonds from egg to death.”

And the emperor of mankind made several warp storms that day.

if celestias idea of his cutimark meaning something more then what is shown is true then him somehow getting all the princessess to fall for him could be it. could also be that celestia slowly grows fond of him but keeps feeling guilty of saying they would never be together untill she snaps and the event in his mark happens

I really enjoy the interactions Radish has with Luna.

I was hesitant towards this fic at the first chapter, but it's really something quite impressive! I love the way you've characterized everypony.

Just found this story, wasn’t know what I was expecting from the title, but I really like what you have so far! Luna is always a plus.

This is going to be one of those hidden treasure stories people whiff on reading, I think.

More their loss, and my upvote.

Bruh but it’s treasure. Anybody not wanting that or patient enough is a fool. Can I downvote the un present reader audience who decided this?

Or maybe it’s Luna and not celestia and the mark was that why because of his dream and the future Alicorn Luna in his life who he may grow closer to

At first I was like I'll read this horrible fic just to have something to compare to hyrulequestria which in my opinion has been the worst book ever written but as I read more it wasn't what I thought it was and I grew to like the story
I won't like or dislike the story in neutral on it
One of my hopes for the story is that he gets cock blocked f orever.

maybe his cutie m,ark signifies his willing to be a true companion to a alicorn, but as a young pony only knew celestia, that why celestia appeared, he certainly being a good companion for Luna

Personaly I'm kinda hopeing that everypony misinterpreted his cutie mark and it's not about taking Celestia to pound town and he's just performing the Heimlich maneuver.

I hope we get an explanation of his cutie mark by the end, that it doesn't become a Riddle for the Ages. Explicit content aside, very, very few ponies have that detailed a cutie mark, if for no other reason than difficulty reproducing it on the toys. That said, I don't mind waiting for the explanation, as long as it exists and will at some point be revealed.


Honestly, at the first two chapters In was unsure about this story, but boy am I glad I stuck with it. It has been quite enjoyable.

Keep up the good work!

“ Just drop it ,” she said, coldly.

That's some good shit

Love your writing

Is so breezy

Not even gonna touch on him asking twilight out and getting shot down by her obliviousness?

The two of them are absolutely adorable together.

i hope it ends up with celestia being jealous as radish and luna become a couple

until the time skip AMIRITE

this is the kind of premise where you're like "No fucking way this'll work". Its working so far, but remember, balancing act. Good job my guy, good luck

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