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Prince Blueblood is many things.

He's a Unicorn, He's royalty, He's a stallion, He's entitled, He's high-class, And most importantly he's not here right now.

If Blueblood isn't here right now, then who's that?

Well, That's Blueblood, the new Blueblood that is, a human in the body of Blueblood.

What will follow the actions of the new prince can be nothing short of disastrous.

Warning, this story contains Jokes, Magical Politics, a human-turned pony who doesn't know about MLP, Prince Blueblood doing Blueblood things, "Wine-Moms", and a very large sum of money.
You have been warned.

Featured for the first time two hours after being published :) 24/4/2023

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Is this the million dollar question, that everyone who is reincarnated as a character in Equestria is a frustrated comedian (or attempted saint)? Is it too much to ask for a more realistic character in this situation, someone who really wants to make a mark in the world and doesn't mind contradicting Celestia even for her own good?

I mean, MC isn't a frustrated Comedian or an attempted saint, I literally wrote 1k words.
And also, this is a Comedy-Slice-of-life story, I will be writing comedic characters.
He's also been in Equestria for only a few hours, and all of his knowledge is from the POV of the last 365 days from a snobbish aristocrat, so there isn't really a lot of immediately useful information he can use, especially not in the first 1,000 words of a new story.

I really don't understand what you expected from the first chapter of a comedy slice-of-life, I even wrote Shenanigans in the short synopsis. Nobody uses Shenanigans outside of comedy.

Not sure where that other guy got the idea of comedian or saint. The Mc is kind of a prick in the first interaction he’s had (even if it’s an act). And he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to be funny, he’s just a bit of a buffoon (again, not a criticism I like it actually).

Now for the story itself…

1.2k words, not really enough here to judge by. First appearances suggest this’ll be a fun read, but that’s just first impression.

Oh boy, my favorite royal trash.:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I also don't get where the first commenter came from.
And MC is a bit of a prick, even if he was acting like how he imagined Blueblood would act (which is as a prick)

For the length of the chapter, That will be a common length, My chapters are usually short, might get 4k words at maximum if the chapter is hefty and I don't feel like writing a cliffhanger.

Hope you stay and enjoy future chapters of BB's unusual escapades.

I love him, he's just so trash

I’m not bothered by chapter length. Just stating that there isn’t enough story here to really call it good or bad yet.

Oh Good Golly!

The fact this is the lovechild of "The Greatest Estate Designer" means THIS will be BLASTED with the funny!:pinkiegasp:

Can't wait for Blueblood to put a scammer into 520 years of (almost) unpaid labor :rainbowlaugh:

It is a more general comment (question). Faced with the archetype that I see repeated over and over again on this platform. An attempt at comedy trying to throw several jokes to see if something gives funny.
Yes I know it's a short chapter, but several things happen. The protagonist wakes up, then an intermission and then a series of attempted jokes with a guard that I have to say that of all those jokes the one about "you activated my trap card" did give me funny.
And it's strange because it's the only joke I remember.

He's also very easy to write because he was in 1 episode, not enough to show his true character. So, any writer can go any direction with him

I always like Human turn Prince Blueblood premise, so you have my attention. For the writing... it could use some work. For what I can see, you jumped into the action and fun, and comedy stuff without giving some context at how he got to possess PBB body, and how he got the very basic rundown about Equestria, how he knows that Celestia is his 'aunt' and act without looking off for everypony around him or give a comparative data point at how different he is from PBB, and who is that guy. Basically there is just n set up, depside I can understand why you want to skip on all that. This said if this going to be a political intrigue story with comedy then it could. I wonder who will be his supporting cast to help keep him out of trouble. Hope the next chapter will be more insightful on what's going on, best of luck.

And as she dragged me away from the library, I stared at the eyes of the guard that made all of this happen, And I swore that I will get my revenge.

I imagine Blueblood frowning when he turned his face to the guard like Giancarlo:rainbowlaugh:

Literally just caught up on that Manhwa. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I hope you keep that same guard with him.



Oh man, if it captures even a fraction of that webtoon it will be glorious...

If you look closely you can see Luna's soul trying to escape her body.

Again, not much to say, not much to judge, So far, Totally Not Blueblood seems to ride the line between douche and kind at times, and the act is slipping a bit. It's a fun read, but unless the rate of updates keeps pace, I can quickly see the actual story being very very slow going

Imaging blueblood with the greatest estate developer expression is hilariousi.postimg.cc/3rGgm2xj/Untitled-1.jpg

Blueblood: Hello, Aunt! I am the spoiled but not too spoiled anymore brat that will annoy you! That's what Family is for

Before she suddenly grabbed me in her long legs and hugged me to her chest Like I was a stuffed teddy bear.

look like Celestia is very close to Blueblood in this world. I can't imagine how heartbroken she would be when she realized her nephew is gone and his body gets taken by a random stranger

I'm so far enjoying this

How you see this? How you are the found it, this is text

How could I not be? I wasn't in my home, I had no idea how I got here, and I'm pretty sure I was drunk.
I don't really remember.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was....

Story structure needs to be reshaped, I got lost in the back and forth with him and the Guard.

Look up Humansville. It's a thing. Your welcome.


i am loving this blue blood /luna friendship

Comment posted by Miskr deleted Apr 29th, 2023

There are bots on every site, No idea why you had to go here and comment on it yourself.

And if there are hundreds of bots here, then they didn't do anything that I saw.
I don't go to the users' tab because I personally don't care about the new random people that join every day, I'm just here to read and write.

If you think the bots are a problem you should go and tell the staff on the discord or send an email, not comment on a random story that had no mention of the bot situation.
There is an entire list of moderators and admins on the staff tab for you to contact and speak with.

I am not one of those staff members, and would kindly ask for future comments on my story to be relevant in some way to the discussions happening in it or to the story itself.

I'm sure that Majin Syeekoh or Wanderer D will be online soon and will be happy to hear you out then.

Hope this somehow helps.

Any further questions about the moderation and administration of FimFiction would cost ya' money, seeing as I don't get paid to deal with this.

Thanks again Netap for another great chapter. Keep it up!

Thank you for being a great reader. Keep it up!

Luna was sick and tired.
Literally so.

It would be better if it was this instead:

Luna was sick and tired, literally so.

The story is this weird pseudo-bullet script format. It's very jarring to me. You can combine some of these sentences together and make it a more clean product. I would suggest you get an editor.

That said, I like where the story is going. I do want to learn more about the human and why he is the way he is. The anime character is is loosely based off is a character I'm unfamiliar with. This is why small, little bits of background information or little main character development is needed. The guy is funny, but he's on auto-pilot of messing with ponies. He's also taking it kind of well...to well in my opinion.

Neat story otherwise though, it's catching attention real fast.

The moment he started acting like that to the guard, I immediately knew the inspiration of the character :rainbowlaugh:

I love it.

Is this based on the Manhwa/Novel: Trash of the Count’s Family?

A bit.
It's based on a bunch of those "I isekai'd into the scum son of this noble family who dies early in the story" type of Manhwa.

So yes, Traah of the Count's Family, Greatest Estate Designer, those kinds of stories.

That's the consequence of a human turning into Blueblood, they have different personalities.

Most of them who have not gain the Prince's knowledge are unaware of his attitude, which makes sense.

So, I appreciate your efforts to make the human and Blueblood have something to connect

The story is called "Trash of the royal castle" I would like my mc to be trash, if only a little.

Interesting, I'm following this :D.

I like this take on MC BlueBlood. I like asshole characters, they're a lot of fun to follow.

I'm looking forward to how Your Blueblood handles his Job for the Crown.
You know as an actual Diplomat skilled enough to get Pissed off Yaks to calm down and act rationally.
That is Canon to the Character by the way.

Oh I know, Blueblood has three appearances as actual role.

In his real debut episode of the show, the season 1 finale.

In a what-if comic where he is Celestia's pupil instead of Twilight.

And in a comic where he help Shining Armor achieve diplomacy between the Crystal Empire and Yakyakistan.

The Cover of this fic is taken from that comic.

Oooh a TGED inspired story

This is rather cute! This story gives me the impression that Blueblood may not be sociable or the kindest to those he doesn't care about, but instead, he has a deep fondness of his family. Whether it's the human influence or the original Blueblood's character, I'm not sure but either way it's a great start in my opinion.

Oh how she loved to play with the high society of her old castle town, thinking that simply her being the younger sister, who has less social interaction with the masses, she must be easy to manipulate and control.

They tried the manipulate the younger princess tactic on the Princess who was the Element of Honesty and the more militant of the sisters.
They deserved everything their Duplicitous flanks got.

Thanks again Netap for another great chapter. Lots of good feelings and fluff this chapter. I hope we get to see more of the same in the future. Cheers!

It has potential. Keep up the good work.

The only pompous I can think of is Raimi's Jonah Jameson saying
JJJ "You're fired!"
Betty "Sir, the Planetarium Party."
JJJ "Oh right, you're unfired. I need you, come here"

Peter "Can you pay me in advance?"
JJJ *famous jameson laugh*
"You serious? Pay you for what? Standing there?"

This is line is kinda funny
JJJ "I'll give you a 150."
Peter "300"
JJJ "That's outrageous. Done."

Hmm I’m enjoying this story so far. Even though I don’t usually like stories with chapters shorter then 2k words.

Although there is one thing bugging me about this chapter. The fact that Celestia would allow her sick sister to be hold up in a room with so much dust that wiping it off of a lamp shape would change its color from purple to pink.

That can’t be healthy at all let alone for someone so sick that they can’t even walk.

I know this story is a comedy story and all. But this just leaves a bad tase in my mouth.

Am.. am I taking this to seriously? Cause I feel like I might be taking this to seriously.

A Unicron horn, huh? Secret Transformers crossover in effect?

I'm sad to see this story being put into the freezer, I found it far better written than your Stormking story, and I hope to see you come back to this sometime soon.

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