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Thank you for Favoriting and liking Skeletor, Master of The Empire. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far.

I make a habit to thank everyone who favorited my story.

You're everywhere!? AAAAAAAHHHHGGG!!!

Thank you for Favoriting Bizarro am not in Equestria. I'm glad you've enjoyed my story so far and I hope I can continue to entertain you with future chapter updates.

Hey, Power of Six here! Depressed the Duskverse is over? Well, stop moping 'cause it's coming back and with all new action! Not just that regular MLP action, I'm talking about serious, kick-butt, soldier bashing, monster thrashing, vehicle crashing, robot mashing, alien smashing, supervillain slashing, teeth nashing, sword lashing, mutant clashing, motorcycle dashing, jaw-dropping crazy adventure-filled action! Come along and join the adventures of the newest group of heroes of the MLP universe: Equestria's greatest elemental heroes: the Element Gang! To get started and join in on their elemental advenutes, I suggested with reading the first of the series, "Rise if the Element Gang, Book 1: The Adventure Begins"! See ya there!

  • Viewing 10 - 14 of 14
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Some sayings

"There are many ways to achieve something you desire, you may have to reach higher that anybody has, dig deeper than the realm of possibility or explore the vast world and remember those who you encounter along the way."

-I just made that one up

"kindness is one of the many good things about you, it is like a sharp blade, and the world will constantly try to blunt it, never let that blade go blunt."

-I just made that one up too

"Everyone is born different, but they are always born equal even if they are born with imperfection."

-Someone I met in a bus stop

"There is no limit to dreams, the limit there is, is the limit you set for yourself."

-An old retired college teacher I met

"The world works by changing, maybe you should too and go with the flow. Where might the currents take you? I can't give an answer to that, because only you can answer it."

-I made that one up