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As any author on this site will tell you, writing a story takes a lot of effort. So it is only natural to be curious as to why you received a downvote without an appropriate response. We here at Downvoted With No Comment would like to offer adequate substitution for these invisible critics, and review your story for you. Downvoted With No Comment is a review and critique group, meant to benefit the author as well as fellow writers and writers-to-be.

The following rules may prove beneficial to anyone who wishes to participate in the group.


-We generally discourage reviews and comments that lack substance. While we cannot enforce this rule in the comments on stories in the group, any reviews that are deemed inadequate will be removed, with a private notice sent to the reviewer an hour beforehand. What is considered "inadequate" is up to the discretion of the admins.

-We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. While contrasting opinions do not qualify as bullying, overly-harsh language will qualify as such. Upon a violation of this rule, the offender will be notified by an admin. Upon a second violation that occurs within 24-hours of the first, the user will be blocked for one week.

-It is encouraged that threads remain related to the group.


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Midnight Strike

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Hey, I just posted a revision for one of my old stories and I was wondering if I could get some criticism feedback. It's called Infernus Astartes: Ruinous Son. I'm really curious as to seeing what people think about it.

hi, hows it going, I've been writing a few things here on fimfiction for about a year now, but save for one story I never seem to get any feedback. I'm not certain if its because my writings bad or not but I'd love to actually have some review for my work to see if there's anything that needs work on or if things just don't make sense. If anyone would care to take a look I'd greatly appreciate it

408329 Please don't do this again. I cringed when I saw this. I'm terribly sorry for not getting to finishing the page, but trust me on this. Mass comment deletion is a majorly bad choice.

In addition to Flint Sparks' comment (408570) , I'd like to say that due to your removal of these comments, you have shot down all opportunity of reinforcement in a positive manner, making those who want to comment and show their support deterred to ever post on the group's front page without being shot down by you or another admin.

408329 For a group that wants people to comment if they downvote stories, you didn't really react all that well to criticism. Not to mention you threatened everyone who dares comment in the future, which is what your group wanted people to do in the first place.

If you must know, we downvoted you and felt obligated to comment on it to be polite.

DO NOT COMMENT: I am not accepting it at the moment. You will be blocked.

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