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Hello everyone! My name is Thomas Smith and I'm the founder and editor of this news group; this group is made for news similar to Equestria Daily, but for mostly promoting stories, news from bronies, and any other important stories.

~Thomas Smith

Please read our rules before joining! Thank you.
~Vanilla Mocha

Reporters: Reporters are contributors to the group. They find the stories; If you are not a reporter but you have something to share, please see below on "Community".

Admin: Admin are supervisors. They have the final say on what gets reported. If they find something interesting, they are welcome to tell a reporter. However, to keep things fair, another admin will have the final say.

Community: Anyone can submit a story to our library. A thread for stories is coming soon. This is not a group for self promotion! Only underrated stories or extremely popular stories. Stories must be SFW and cannot have any mature or suggestive themes. Please see the community thread if you have something to share!

Thank you for having interest in this group! Though it is mostly for site and fandom news about users and such, we will post a bit of important show news as well. ^-^ We strive to be different than Equestria Daily and the like; This is FIMFiction News! The Fimfiction Post

For Reporters:
This is where you will submit your reports to admin for moderation. Please send it to the correct catergory. If you are unsure, ask the founder, Thudnerbolt Sentinel, or Vanilla Mocha.

Offical Show News: Jmaster99
Art/Videos/Music: Subject 19
Fanfiction/Authors/Interviews: DerpyMuffin7
User drama/Group drama: Thunderbolt Sentinel

Founder: Thomas Smith CEO
Top Admins: Thunderbolt Sentinel and Vanilla Mocha

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of these three! ^-^

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