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Vanilla Mocha

I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

Hello, there! I'm Vanilla Mocha, Equestria's Coffee Mare! To find out more about me, please see the modules below for information about how you can contact me, what I'm like, and what I do. I am always open to making new friends! Send me a PM or leave a comment if you want to talk about anything, whether you need help with something or if you just wanna chat. ^-^

My one and only true love, Icy The Charmander. <3 Please go follow him. He's a brilliant, funny, loving and caring guy that will be your best friend immediately. <3 I love you, Icy. So, so much.

~I see you~

I know you're stalking me. Yes, you. At least for twenty four hours until the counters reset.

About Me

As you know, my name is Vanilla Mocha! I am a pegasister, and I consider myself a Fluttershy/Twilight/Pinkie mix. I'm shy around new people (like Fluttershy) but once I get to know them, I can be like Pinkie. I'm also that A-student grammar-perfectionist geeky type (like Twilight). I enjoy doing digital art, and I am currently teaching myself how to do it, even though I'm not very good at it. I am also doing a YouTube channel based on our favorite ponies (see below). ^-^

More About Me:
Age: Between 13-17
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Favorite Princess: Twilight
Favorite of Mane 6: (Besides Twi) Tie between AJ/Fluttershy
Favorite Crusader: Babs
Favorite Ship: DerpyxDoctor
Favorite Episodes: Maud Pie (S.4 Ep.18), "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" (S.5 Ep. 13), & Hearthbreakers (S.5 Ep 20).
Favorite Fanfiction That I Wrote: The Terror of Nightmare Night
Favorite Fanfiction To Read: I can't choose! There are too many good ones!
Favorite Bands: None so far ;-;
Favorite Song: None so far ;-;
Favorite Pony Youtubers: DRWolf001, MLP-Silver-Quill, Fluffy Mixer, Disney Fanatic 2364, Magpiepony, LittleshyFiM, ToucanLDM, FOB Equestria, & Lightning Bliss
Favorite Subject in School: English
Favorite Sport: Although I don't like "sports", I enjoy running & cycling.

So, that's a little bit about me! If you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me! :)

I do not support people that are homosexual. However, that does not mean I hate gays. Please do not call me a hater. I have a right to speak my voice as you do yours. Thank you.

Contact Me

Find me on...
~Gmail (Please note this is not my default email and I do not use it as I would with my normal one, as in checking it everyday, etc.) at VanillaMocha01@gmail.com
~Or, just shoot me a PM or comment on here!

YouTube Channel

Check out my Youtube Channel! I have many main series including Vanilla Mocha Draws, Anicam, Snippets, and Discussions. However, I do more random videos those those (and many, many more) put together! XD I try to post my better videos here for you guys to see. However, get the first look on it when you subscribe to me. ^-^ Also, I am beginning an audio drama! I am currently not looking for anyone to fill any roles, but I would appreciate it if you would see my channel and take a look at it!

I would like to thank everyone again for all of the art, support, liking and subscribing/following! Please go check out all of the artists listed above at the end of the video! They are all amazing people. :)


Settling Down · 3:06am Dec 16th, 2016

FimFiction... the site that I am addicted to for reasons I don't know why. The site the hosts almost all of my friends ever. A site that I met my ex on, met my current and forever loving stallion on, and a site I met my bestest of friends on. A site I've linked my videos and art to. A site with enemies and allies. A site with friends ready to cheer me on. A site full of memories both good and bad. A site that allowed me to write stories to express myself. A site that allowed me

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Stories I Wrote

Current Status (Always Updating!)

Sometimes people seem to fade into the darkness like a shadow. People that used to be full of life and light. Smiles and joy and rays of sunshine. And, when the time nears, the sun sets and the moon's reflecting light pours down onto the earth, mirroring the light of the sun only as a memory. A cold, hard, lonely memory of what once was and is no more. And as the sun sets during the night, I leave this website, but like the sun, to return once more when morning rises. I am not gone, I am simply where you cannot see me, and I will return, I promise you all.

*These are just 10 of my closest friends

I'm Vanilla Mocha, Equestria's Coffee Mare!~ Please feel free to check out the right hand side of my page- that's where the most info about me is! You can find links to many groups I made and many external websites I use such as YouTube and DeviantArt!


Lol what’s up · 10:56pm Oct 11th, 2019

Hey lol it me ok bye

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Dr.Wolf Did A Reading Of My Story!!! · 2:27pm Nov 22nd, 2016

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Things I Happen To Like A Lot:

* Jesus
* Icy The Charmander :3 <3
* Family

The rest of the list is in no specific order.

* Coffee
* Fudge Pops
* Writing and Reading FiM Fanfics
* Creating PMVs
* Drawing (Both digital and traditional)

Fandoms & Other Internet Things I Enjoy
* Don't Hug Me. I'm Scared.
* Doctor Who
* We Bare Bears
* Five Night's at Freddy's
* Good Mythical Morning
* The Fine Bro.s' Emo Dad

Want to meet my friends? ^_^ Look in my following! I have waaaaay too many to name, so instead of linking 100+ users, just click that "following" button and take a look at each of their bios! ^D^

Some Of My Personal Favorites

Angel Kisses Series

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Hey, was good to see you back, hope all is well with you.

Lol checking in guys <3 miss y’all. See my latest blog, please, if you guys wanna keep up with me.

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I'm officially gone now. Bye guys.

Happy birthday? Galaxy said to wish you a happy birthday. :pinkiehappy:

Wait... today is my sister's birthday and she's also good at art... :pinkiegasp: ARE YOU SECRETLY MY SISTER??? XD lol jk Happy birfdai buddy! :pinkiehappy:

Skype not working?

2369546 :pinkiesad2: This isn't goodbye forever, only until next time. *Squeezes tight*

For Vanilla Mocha:

"I really have enjoyed our time together, and I would love for us to remain connected as one of the rest of our days. But I can sadly never follow without the fear getting the best of me.

I believe that the friend I've come to love is still alive inside you. I have faith you can bring back the magic once more that brought us together all this time.

If this new path you're on is really where you wish to go, I can't stop you from leaving.

But the friend I loved will always remained in my heart. The gift of the memories you gave to me is one I shall cherish for as long as I draw breath. But before we exchange our final good-byes and go our separate ways indefinitely...

Thank you... thank you for all the joy you always gave me. Thank you for all the times you made me laugh and smile. Thank you for filling my heart with creative passion and bringing some color back into my life where I thought it was gone. Even though the future is uncertain and my heart feuds with my mind over just what to think of you.

Thanks for reminding me to have a little faith again. No matter what the future holds... I think I'll choose to believe in you again. Through clearer nights and darker days, let's stay together for good, my old friend.

Good night... Goodbye."


Comment posted by Rose the Changeling deleted Dec 18th, 2016

Hey gal!! Happy Holidays!!:twilightsmile: I'm proud you got a reading by the legendary Dr. Wolf!!:rainbowkiss:
And thats one heck of a headcannon, Boulder being a changeling!!:rainbowderp:

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