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I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.


This story is a sequel to The Terror of Nightmare Night

Almost half a year has passed since the events of Nightmare Night. With the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration approaching, more chaos happens at Vanilla Mocha's Coffee Cafe. Joining up with over twenty of her friends, Vanilla Mocha and the gang will help to save the day once more... If only she wasn't being blamed for it. Now with a second Changeling on the loose, who can you really trust?

The prequel is highly recommended... but not required.

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What this needs is a cool intro!! Cue music!!! :yay:

You people know how to fuel me ego, don't you?
Anyway, I'm anxious for chapter 2!

To be 100% honest, I think things happened waaay too quickly. I reckon you should have dragged this out for at least an extra chapter or two. Within a few minutes of reading not only did we find out there was a fake Joy but then she pops up and declares her evilness (probably not a word) and bolts right out the door. I think you could have made an entire chapter leading up to this where not is going around and getting odd glances and stuff from ponies who had been noticing actions performed by the false one. So basically just building up confusion before revealing the evil joy. And just a thing I think you should do. Maybe remove the part of the story description where you straight up tell everyone there is a fake Joy. Kinda ruins the surprise.

7080890 I understand what you mean. However, fake Joy isn't the actual plot. She's a part of it, but not the plot. ;)

Ooohhh. :derpyderp1:
You sneaky devil. Now I'm excited to find out what the true surprise is.

Awesome start with Galaxy and Vanilla, looking forward to seeing where this goes! ^^

Poor Valerium...
I'll admit, I didn't see that coming.
Yay for plot twists!
I'm looking forward to chapter 3!

7082922 :pinkiecrazy: Improv strikes again! *Insane laughter*

"I know you were fast to propose to your fiancé, but give 'em some time."

Wait, does that mean my OC proposed to Crystal?

7082951 Ooh, I can't wait to see what Chapter 3 brings in store!! (Speaking of, what chapter do you plan to write Crystal into?)

7082954 Idk yet. I have the plot mostly figured out. It's mostly improv.

7082956 Well, PM me when you plan to. :twilightsmile:

7082968 I'm writing a new story too, but I want it to be a surprise. Let's just say an old villain returns :ajsmug:

Breeze grinned. "Oh!" She exclaimed, "Galaton wanted me to tell you about his plan!"

"Galaton?" Garfield lifted a brow.

"Galaxy and Quillton. I combined them into one." Breeze smiled.

I feel shipped...
Either that or it's remnant of FitzSimmons. (Agents of SHIELD)

Oh wait, Sunset Shimmer's here. Nevermind!

That was an odd ending for a chapter.
This will be interesting.

7092817 Sorry... :twilightsheepish: Trust me, I don't do gay shippings. Plus, both of you have mare friends in this story.

7092914 Then let's go with it being a remnant of FitzSimmons.
I think that'll work, don't you?

The cover art is strangely horrifying.

7094398 Crappy iPad art. I'll redo it on my computer. I had my brightness all the way up when editing... Lol I didn't realize how bad it looked until I was done.

7093913 In the show, there's two scientists named Leopold Fitz, and Jemma Simmons.
The other members of the team called them FitzSimmons, because their names sounded good together.

7095161 OOOOOOOOOH! Ok! Yeah, like that. :rainbowwild:

Wow, you made my OC's face turn red. :rainbowlaugh:

7095174 There ya go.

And, I have the sudden urge to slap Shadow and Thunder. Starting rumors is bad.
And is Galaxy really that gullible?
Honestly, a lot of these ponies need a reality check, and a stern talking to about what is of pony Mocha is. I highly doubt that Mocha would have Valerium injured just for attention. Plus, wouldn't they have to get the hospital in on it too?

7095223 I see your point. And...hmm... I don't think the hospital would have to get in on it. They'd just do their job like normal.

7095271 But... The injuries?


And is Galaxy really that gullible?

With some things, Quest, yes.

7095344 Oh. :T hmm... Idk. They're real injuries, in the story. He was hit in the temple and he was knocked out for a few hours because of it.

7095398 Yeah, I got that.
Maybe I'm just upset with characters in the story. (BTW, that means you're doing a great job writing!)

Ooh, good chapter! :pinkiehappy: and why does it feel like mostly every scene I'm in is me talking about cake?

Vanilla giggled to herself quietly; Garfield always made her laugh.

Is that true? :unsuresweetie:

I'm very curious to see the following conversation between Mocha and Galaxy.

7105061 Whatcha think of Masquerade?

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