• Published 31st Mar 2016
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The Return of The Terror - Vanilla Mocha

Joy is a reformed changeling. When another changeling from her hive finds her, she has her identity stolen, and all of Joy's friends think she has become evil once more, with Vanilla Mocha and Valerium on her side. Will they prove their innocence?

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Chapter One

Author's Note:

This is unedited. Also, the prequel isn't required, but it is recommended. Not all OCs are in the first chapter, but I will try to write them all in during the next chapter, and so forth. Gotta have flow. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Also, Eclipse and Valerium are the same person, just different OCs. But my boyfriend is now Valerium, so I decided to rewrite his OC for this story. Mocha doesn't have a new coltfriend... Just a different name and color scheme :rainbowwild:

"Can you believe it? It's been half a year already, and I feel like I've known you since foalhood!" Vanilla Mocha smiled as she sat down a coffee in front of Joy. The earth pony looked up at her and smiled.

"Crazy how time flies, isn't it?" The reformed changeling responded.

Vanilla Mocha ran a coffee shop in Ponyville, and during last year's Nightmare Night party, she and her friends had been pushed to the limits with daring tests and evil creatures. Joy, previously known as The Terror, was happy to be her own pony. No longer stealing identities to receive untrue love, she was calmly living her new life as a real pony.

"Hey," The bell above the café's door rang as a dark blue winged stallion entered, "Mocha, there ya are! And hello there, Joy!"

Mocha smiled. "Hi, Galaxy!"

Galaxy Nebula was one of Mocha's foalhood friends. He had short and fluffy black hair for his mane and tail, and had deep brown eyes. He and his friend, Quillton Brooks, were scientists: and even time travelers. Though not many ponies believed in their perilous adventures, they were indeed true.

Sitting down beside Joy, Galaxy smiled. "The Summer Sun Celebration is in a week! I'm excited for the all-nighter!"

"Summer Sun Celebration?" Joy asked, puzzled.

Vanilla Mocha smiled. "Being a Changeling, I assume you didn't celebrate Equestrian holidays."

As Mocha explained the holiday to her friend, Galaxy eyed something -- or somepony -- outside. Looking out of the window, he gasped.

"That sounds so cool!" Joy grinned with excitement.

"Oh, it is!" Smiling widely, an idea flew into Mocha's head. "I should invite everypony for an all-nighter here! That way we can all have one big party together! Galaxy, whaddya think?"

Galaxy shook his head. "Uhm... What?"

Mocha looked at him. "Galaxy, did you hear what I just said? I had an idea for the Summer Sun Celebration."

"Oh, yeah, that. That's cool."

"Galaxy?" Joy asked, "You... Seem different. Are you okay?"

Galaxy sighed. "No... I'm not. You see, I saw a pony outside... And they seemed... Weird... I, I don't know... It just kinda made me have déjà vú... Like as if I knew that pony."

"You are a time traveler." Mocha elbowed him.

"Yeah... But..."

The door opened again. Quillton ran in, covered in sweat. "Galaxy!" His British accent called, "Galaxy, where've you been? I've been looking for you!"

The white furred earth pony had a light orange mane and tail and light blue eyes.

"Yeah, Quillton? I'm sorry..."

"No time for apologies!" Quillton trotted over to him.

Standing up, Galaxy smiled sheepishly. "So... What happened?"

"Sunset has completed the calculation we've been needing for over two months, now! It reveals all the secrets of the dead universe we were trying to uncover! It's not dead, it's hidden! That's why it was so hard to find!"

"Wait, so she found out..." Galaxy's eyes widened.

Quillton smiled widely. "Yes, she has! And now that we know the number of-"

"Uhm... Hi." Joy interrupted.

Quillton turned his head to see her and Mocha. "Oh, hello dearie, and good day to you too, Mocha."

Vanilla Mocha waved in reply.

"Well, that's great, Quillton." Galaxy said.

"My marefriend, err, girlfriend, has such talent." He smiled and closed his eyes, admiring Sunset Shimmer.

"Hey! So is mine!" Galaxy laughed.

"Yeah, she's nice too. Hey, oughta bring her along with us sometime." Quillton winked. "I think she'd enjoy the scenic route."

Galaxy chuckled. "Alright!"

"Hey, um, Galaxy, about that pony you saw just a few minutes ago..." Vanilla interjected.

Galaxy stopped chuckling. His smile faded and he became physically worried. "Oh... Yeah. Gosh, that gave me the chills!"

Quillton tilted his head. "What happened?"

"A few minutes ago, I looked out the window, and a pony was standing outside!"

Quillton burst out laughing. "Of course, Galaxy! That is what ponies do, we go places! Gotta stand outside to get there!"

Galaxy facehoofed. "Not like that," he cleared his throat, "that pony... Looked like a pony I know. Not knew... But know."

"Then it might be," Quillton said, "We are time travelers."

"But... That pony... Is in this room."

Vanilla Mocha gasped. "What did they look like?"

"White fur, earth pony..." Galaxy mumbled, afraid to speak.

"I'm a white furred earth pony, Galaxy. That was probably just me trotting over here." Quillton said.

"...It was a mare." Galaxy looked up at Joy.

Joy's eyes widened.

"Now, wait a minute. There's lots a mares, that are earth ponies, with white fur. How do you know it was Joy?" Mocha asked.

"B-because, she looked exactly like her! Straight black and white mane and tail, orangey eyes, even a two-way heart in the colors of black and white!"

Quillton put his hoof to his chin. "Are you sure it wasn't, say, a reflection?"

"I swear, it wasn't!" Galaxy responded.

"Galaxy, maybe it was your imagination. Let's be honest, from a long day of work, you need a break. Go home, take a nap. It happens to me all the time." Quillton said.

Galaxy nodded. "Good idea. Bye, guys." He waved and flew out.

"Bye, Galaxy!" The others responded in return.

Mocha sighed. "That was really weird."

"It's his imagination, I bet. Don't think too hard about it." Quillton Brooks sat down.

"Anyways..." Joy smiled sheepishly, "Mocha had an idea for the Summer Sun Celebration."

Vanilla nodded. "Yep. I was thinking of inviting all of our friends from the Nightmare Night party to this one," Mocha smiled, "Like when we met Joy. All of us haven't hung out together since then. And since it's tradition to stay up all night, I think it'd be nice for everypony to come over."

"Sounds great!" Quillton smiled.

"Hey, mind spreading the word?" Mocha smiled sheepishly.

"Not at all." Quillton Brooks responded.

"Thanks," Mocha replied, "I remember last time; I was up to my neck in invitations at the last minute!"

Joy smiled. "I'm going to go home. See you ponies later!" She waved, and picked up her coffee. As she left the café, Quillton sighed.

"What's wrong?" Mocha asked.

"I... Can't stop thinking about what Galaxy said."

Mocha chuckled. "You just told us to not worry over it."

"I know," the stallion cracked a smile, "but I can't help but think about it. I know he has a wild imagination, but he is pretty good at determining reality from day dreams."


Vanilla Mocha sighed. She finally had a moment to herself from a long day of work. Well, herself, and her coltfriend. Valerium, a pale white bat stallion, trotted up behind her. The two ponies were in Mocha's living room.

The black haired stallion nuzzled Mocha from behind. "I missed you today..." He whispered.

Looking back at him, Mocha smiled softly. "I missed you too..." Looking up at his red eyes, she smiled wider. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Vanilla turned to face him. Suddenly, a panicked knock sounded from her door. The couple looked up. "I didn't know you invited anypony else." Valerium said.

"I... Didn't." Mocha whispered. There was another knock.

"I'll get it." Valerium smiled. He cantered to the door and opened it.

Joy stood outside, looking worried. She ran inside. "Close the door!" She screamed.

"Uhm... Okay." Valerium closed the door. Joy ran back to the door and locked it. "There..." The earth pony sighed.

"Joy... What's wrong?" Vanilla asked.

"I-I'm-" Before Joy could reply, a loud crash sounded. Around the three ponies a bright white light arose, blinding them.

"I'm back!!!" A familiar voice yelled. One Mocha and her friends hadn't heard for months.

Moments later the light died down. Mocha glanced up to see one of the windows by her door was shattered. Joy stood there, breathing heavily. Her eyes were bright red, and her mark had a jagged line between the heart: it looked like a broken heart now.

"Joy?!" Vanilla yelled in shock.

"I'm not the Joy you know." With that, the mare jumped out the window, and ran away.

Valerium and Mocha looked at each other, then back at the scene in front of them.

"Did... Her mark just change? And her eye color?" He asked.

"That's impossible! I mean, I'm not Princess Twilight or anything, but I know for certain that I've never seen it before! And I've seen quite a few things in magic school."

Valerium gasped. "You don't suppose... The Terror is back, do you?"

Mocha gulped. "I... Hope not."