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Royal librarian of Dream Valley, writer of Ponykind's greatest generation!

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August Peridot's study of Bridlewood unicorns, part two · 4:02am Oct 29th, 2021

entry two-

My first week amongst the Equestrian unicorns of Bridlewood was an interesting experience, entirely defying my expectations of these ponies and their home.

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Greetings, Pony History fans!

Hi everybody! Paradise Oasis here, royal librarian of Dream Valley. Please, feel free to look around my library, and peruse our vast collection of both fiction and non-fiction books. If you are interested in the history of Dream Valley and Ponyland, may I recommend these choices, in this order;

-The Magnificent Six
-Twilight then, Twilight now
-Midnight in Ponyville
-A self-made Pony
-Equestria Exiles, dawn of Dream Valley
-Luna sets the record Straight (mostly a collection of letters and speeches, not a linear story with plot, skippable)
-Ponyville generations; Spike's Story
-Equestria Dialouges
-Classroom of the Future
-A seapony's heartstrings

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my lovely collection of books, but do please try not to make a mess in here! Praise the Queen Majesty and the almighty B'zekre.

Paradise Oasis

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I think it's safe to say, the Discord who had no clue who Tirek was, (in spite of Discord being EONS old, and obviously very in the know) and was Discord at his absolute worst... was Discord pulling a Kami and Piccolo. Discord purified himself of his worst traits... which explains why in Starscout's time he's a shadow of his former self and his new attitude and outlook on life.

Interesting. In the G5 comics... Discord does appear... his goal is to destroy all magic... TO SAVE pony kind from itself! In honor of his love of Fluttershy. He's also a hermit surrounded by forest animals and hasn't shaved in a LONG time. Also history seems to have buried his past misdeed. He's also basically betrayed his purpose as a spirit of chaos by now trying preserve HARMONY.

Ahhhh, you understand....

In retrospect, I think the corrupt Sunset Shimmer we met in your world... was the original human Sunset Shimmer who Sunset replaced.

in a word? VINDICATED. Especially how some people ragged on 'a royal respite' for doing this very thing.

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