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Paradise Oasis

Royal librarian of Dream Valley, writer of Ponykind's greatest generation!


(MLP G5) The ever immortal Applejack, wandering the lands of a divided Equestria, laments how much ponies had forgotten the lessons and magic of friendship. Set in the early days of the new generation five era, our lonely ageless earth pony looks for bright glimmers of hope in an age that sees her only as a legend...

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This is it! After a decade of stories, all of the tales of Paradise Oasis converge for a big, spectacular finale! The demon goat Grogar, long held at bay by the ponies of this world, prepares for one final strike against Ponykind. Stand with each generation, as they combat the greatest evil their world has ever faced!

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Princess Pink Sparkle is depressed about being the Princess of Ponyville, and having to live up to the legacy of her ancestor, the Princess of Friendship. But when a certain posh old dragon who has served her family for generations starts telling the princess stories of her royal ancestor, will the little filly may gain a new appreciation for her place in the world.

(A series of Shorts stories about the life of Twilight sparkle, mixed in with chapters about Princess pink Sparkle, written by myself, along with a few guest authors)

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(republished) Finding an ancient map left by the left behind by the legendary pirate, Captain Celaeno, the pony Pirate Crew of the Saucy Mare set out to find a treasure lost since the age of Equestria a thousand years ago. But with a deadly journey on the high seas in the islands beyond the pony lands, does a grand adventure await Captain Barnacle and his shipmates, or will they all be walking the plank?

(Cover art by Little Tigress)

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The duchy of Maretonia, a mysterious land on Equestria's border that few Equestrians have ever visited. It is a strange land, fraught with danger, mystery, and Romance. But when Maretonian Native Fiesta Flair gets homesick, she takes a group of friends back to visit her native land. They enjoy their vacation at first, but they soon find themselves on an adventure that will throw all of Equestria in danger.

*Watercolors and Moonlight are both OC's, used with permission.*

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The experiences of Twilight Shine, the mare from Dream Valley who sees into other ponies dreams, and how weary her task makes her. She is the mare who has taken on the mantle of Dream Beauty, protecting ponies from nightmares, a role that has been passed down though the generations, all the way from Princess Luna herself. We follow her from her first days as a dream guardian, down unto the present. (Part of my shared Fanfic universe, set in the MLP generation one era.)

(Art by Foldaway Wings)

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Equestria... the land of friendship and ponykind, it was one of the brightest spots on the map of this world. Home to many different ponies of every shape, size, and description, it was a kingdom filled with a thousand different stories. Perhaps it is time some of those stories were told...

Short Stories of Equestria, all centered around a great, statue-topped lighthouse built upon the waters of Horseshoe Bay! Starring many different non-show ponies who made the toy line, with the main cast making guest appearances!

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Queen Majesty of Dream Valley, one of the most misunderstood Ponies of our time. But how did she become the ruler of Dream Castle? This is the story of the filly, who will grow to become the most powerful mare in all of Ponyland. How she started as a shelters princess, of Dream Valley, and saved the ponies she would one day rule. Co-starring Applejack, and many other surprising ponies who will made this mare the pony she is today!

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Storybelle, Ponyville's resident librarian and storyteller, is always on hand to read stories and tales to the visitors who come from all over Equestria to her story loft. Listen now, as she weaves the tales of the interesting ponies who call a very special town called Ponyville home- a very different Ponyville from the one you know...

Art by Lore-Lei

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Four Mares from the land of ponies, deciding to take an exotic vacation, journey to the burning sands of Saddle Arabia, a land of large horses and sharp scimitars. But corrupt bazaar merchants, desert thieves, a scheming sultan's vizier and an ancient curse get in their way. Will this quartet of friends find the vacation they were looking for, or will they end up as another set of dried up relics on the desert landscape?

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