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Why would I ever badmouth G3? Minty is the reason I ever got into MLP to begin with.

After getting through G4, I went and watched all the G3 stuff on Netflix. I actually found myself enjoying a lot of it, and I now want Minty to appear in FiM. :pinkiehappy:

Welp, I may or may not be Starcatcher101 on a new account. Cough*totalydidntlosemypasscode*cough

Well I will be truthful, before G4 the last MLP I watched was G1 growing up, yeah, I'm no spring chicken. Sadly I didn't even know a G3 existed until I heard other Bronies bashing it, and I have watched a bit of it and it isn't this horrible thing some people make it out to be.

333017 same here, I still watch Very Minty Christmas each year


I know, I wish I had come back to MLP before the end of G3. It looks the the specials were a lot of fun, and the fan community was a lot of fun. :fluttercry:


Because Newborn Cuties was less than stellar. The rest of G3 was perfectly fine if you ask me. Heck, G3.5 is perfectly tolerable without NC.

And another reason, is because some bronies worship nothing but G4, and say that the old generations accomplished next to nothing.

I love G3, I grew up with it! In fact, I still have my collection of G3 ponies, and books. It's sad and mean that people don't like them. :fluttercry: :flutterrage:

321918 Because they are too stubborn and dumb to watch it. They want to hate it without watching it

Anybody here? there are so few of us! :pinkiesad2: Why does this generation always get a bad name? :raritydespair:

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