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A group for those who like Minty!

I noticiced that there were no groups dedicated solely to Minty, so I made one! Yay! :yay:

All hail Minty!

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Just to clarify;
Is this Minty Hooves from Generation 3 of tge Early 2001's? The girl featured in the movies shown in trailers for HIT Entertainment movies?

"A Very Minty Hearth's Warming".
Never-Mind, that answers My question.

Minty is best G3 pony and totally the best part of G3. Minty was my childhood.

Minty always has been one of my all-time favorite G3 characters, and that still hasn't changed! :yay:

In fact that's why I positively love this game done in the G4 style: Fresh Minty Adventure

As a pony named Minty, MINTY APROVES OF THIS GROUP

MINTY MINTY MINTY MINTY! yay:yay: my altime favorite! i want to write a story about her soon :)

372742 I always kind of thought of her as the cross of Derpy and Pinkie Pie.

372742 I love her already

She is a character from G3 who is like Derpy but better and she likes socks!!!

Yay! So many Minty lovers! :pinkiehappy:


In Minty's Misadventures in Ponyville, they are!!!


Back when I watched the last generation of MLP, Minty was my favorite character! (I also liked Cheerilee - my sister and I say she and Rarity were sisters in G3. :raritywink:)

Minty, Minty, Minty! :pinkiehappy:

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